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A beautiful youthful barefoot girl part 2
Part two of the story.
Elina was driving down in the highway at very high speeds at about 320 kilometers an hour. She was pressing the throttle down on the floor with her bare feet. Both women enjoyed it and it was exciting. "How did, you learn to drive like that?" Audrey wondered.
"I've been driving since I was eight," replied Elina.
"That's awesome, I've been driving since I was ten with my husband and I've been driving a stick for a long time," Audrey paused for a bit "My husband is an expert mechanic and he fixes heavy vehicles in the mines and he's a manager too,"
"Your one lucky wife there that's great that you can drive stick. I've been working on cars and heavy vehicles since I was two, and ever since I have a passion for them," Elina smiled as she was driving.
"It's great you can fix cars and modify them too and thank you Elina," Audrey added.
"No problem Audrey, I know and it feels great driving barefoot," Elina said as she was changing into sixth gear and pressing the hard t
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Beautiful youthful barefoot girl part 1
The story take place in late January 2016 and February 2016.
Audrey Tills is a beautiful women, she has a medium whitish skin, brunette hair and she never wears shoes. She is 62 years old turning 63 on 15th of February, she was born in 15th February 1953. She has the appearance of a 20 year old, has NO wrinkles anywhere on her body, just a smooth skin despite being 62. She has a husband named Kane Tills who looks young for his age, he looks more of a 40 year old guy but he's 65 years old, they've been married for nearly 54 years. She also has two daughters with one being 46 years old, the other one is 44 and a 42 year old son. She has eleven grandchildren who ages range from 28 being the oldest and 18 being the youngest and she also has 16 great grand children with the oldest one being 8 years old and the youngest one 6 months old. All of her children found love, got married and had children as mid to late teens or early twenties.
Her family is separated, living in different parts in t
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The barefoot cricket team
Those of you who need help of cricket words and meanings or don't understand cricket related bits in the story.
Please let me know in the comments.
Everyone who's playing for the Serenity XI cricket team in New South Wales Australia must play barefoot. Everyone in the team is always barefoot, even when they're batting. The lower order batsmen aren't as good as the top and middle order batsmen but even they have to bat barefoot despite the cricket ball being very hard.
A cricket ball is made out of cork covered in leather, it's harder than a baseball and a bit heavier (156-163 grams), a baseball weighs 142-149 grams. Spin bowlers normally bowl at 75-95 km/h. Fast bowlers can deliver the ball at 145 km/h but on average, they bowl at 135 km/h. Since their team bats barefoot, it can cause serious foot injury if struck by the yorker flush but they have trained to deal with the yorker.
The Serenity cricket team have won the cricket championship a staggering twenty times in a row. The cricket
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Chark's lucky day seeing two hot barefoot girls
More info about the abandoned building where Grace and Tia live and more info about the Healthy Foodz restaurant in this story and how Chark felt when seeing Grace and Tia for the first time.
Hi I'm Chark Riley and I decided to tell the story on how excited I was in seeing Grace Herres and Tia Ellington. I've been living in Midwestern State throughout my life with the occasional holidays. I had a love of barefoot girls since I was seven years old when I found out about the Beta Gamma sorority where all of their members never wear shoes anywhere at all.
The Beta Gamma sorority recently hasn't had lots of barefoot girls because not many girls are willing to go barefoot like six to eight years ago and even a few years ago, there was signs of the sorority is declining in pledges. I looked at the sorority stats and there was seventy members eight years ago to six years ago to twenty girls now. Even in high school, I haven't seen lots of barefoot girls. The last time I saw one was last year.
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Meeting Grace Herres
Hi I'm Tia Ellington from "A beautiful barefoot girl meets a hot girl" story and yes, I'm that very hot girl and Grace Herres is that beautiful girl.
I'm laying down with my new girlfriend Grace Herres in her near impossible to reach apartment on her inflatable bed. I would like to tell you on how I met her.
This story happens before I met Grace Herres. Oh I don't mention her name until I met her at the Healthy Foodz restaurant.
My family moved from San Francisco California two weeks ago and we moved to Midwestern State because my dad has a new job there. We bought a house there and live there now. I never wear shoes anywhere at all because it's unnatural and I love being on touch with the ground. My parents throughout my life didn't care if I'm wearing footwear or not and since I hate wearing shoes, I didn't wore them since I was three since they're so uncomfortable for me. I've been barefoot everywhere from elementary school to high school from my freshman through to my junior years.
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A beautiful barefoot girl meets another hot girl.
Grace Herres was walking around the city just shopping by herself with a black bag on her back. She was very beautiful with brown eyes, brown hair, naturally glowing fair skin. She was wearing a white tank top, she also had a pair of bleached torn denim cropped shorts, anklets on both of her ankles and footwear that would be matching her outfit wasn't there, instead she was barefoot. Her bare feet was beautiful as she had sparkling blue painted toenails and a toe ring on both of her second toes, her toes are beautiful and spread out naturally. She looked just like a supermodel who never wears shoes.
She also loved to parkour and climb buildings. Many people thought she was weird as a very beautiful girl who doesn't wear shoes in the city or anywhere at all. She entered a store to look to buy some gas canisters for her mini stove but she heard a voice, it said "You can't come in here without shoes, it's against the law."
She turned around and responded to this nonsense "Yes I can, there
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Josh meets Olivia
Olivia was called into the living room by her parents Lily and Jeff.
Olivia: What is it Mummy, daddy?
Lily: We have something to talk to you about.
Olivia: About what?
Jeff: Well... (pause) I've been offered a job.
Olivia: Oh that's good isn't it?
Jeff: Well, yes, but... It won't be here.
Olivia: (Olivia was confused) Won't be here?
Jeff explained that his job would take him overseas.
Lily: So, I'm afraid daddy will be going away for a long time.
Olivia: Why can't we go with him!?
Jeff: No, dear. It wouldn't be fair and too difficult for you. You'd have to change schools all the time.
Lily: And would be too expensive moving over seas all the time.
Jeff: I'm sorry, sweetie, but this is how it has to be.
Olivia was getting very upset, tears pooled up in her eyes.
Lily: Olivia, I'm sorry.
Olivia: It's not fair! I don't want daddy to go!
Olivia backed away. Then broke into a run and out the back door.
Lily: Olivia. Olivia!
Jeff: Oh dear. She took the news worse then I thought.
Meanwhile Ol
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The new girl
Alana was a normal girl. She had brown hair, with 5'9" she was quite big and a little bit chubby. She was 19 years old, had a cute face and a good taste in style. But Alana had a problem: Her feet stank! Not the normal foot odor most girls had, for example after sport, her feet smelled horrible even if she didn't do anything exhausting! She had tried almost everything to get rid of her smelly feet, she washed them several times a day, had bought tons of foot spray, but her feet just seemed to absorb it... She even went to some doctors but they couldn't help her either. She was completely healthy and the doctors just said the smell isn't dangerous... at least for her!
She went to a girls' school and of course some of the girls make fun of her feet. "Hey, Alana, your socks smell so bad, you should get a weapons license for them", they joked. But Alana got accustomed to it. She didn't have many friends, but the ones she had, she could count on.
It was summer now, Alana's least favored sea
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Gooey Gorgan [COMMISSION] by MeteorREB0RN Gooey Gorgan [COMMISSION] :iconmeteorreb0rn:MeteorREB0RN 126 5
The Ticklish Tomb Raider
The ancient Incan tomb seemed to whisper words of warning as Lara made her way through the catacombs, guided only by a small red glow-stick. Water dripped from the ceiling high above, creating a kind of humid atmosphere, making Lara’s tank-top stick to her stomach in a very annoying way. The air was dank and musty, but nothing she wasn’t used to by this point--that scent was like home to her.
   She ran her hand along the mildewed wall as she walked by, searching for some sort of sign that she was going in the right direction. Her gut told her that she was, but that wasn’t enough to reassure her. She needed solid evidence; like a mural or maybe an Incan sign that said: THIS WAY!
   Ancient people were always making things like that, as if they knew that someday someone would come investigating their old ways and would need something to guide them...either that or they were just narcissistic.
   Either way, it was useful.
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16bit is overrated by Art-by-Scavenger 16bit is overrated :iconart-by-scavenger:Art-by-Scavenger 99 47 Barefoot Happiness by YuiChi-tyan by Nathan123qwe Barefoot Happiness by YuiChi-tyan :iconnathan123qwe:Nathan123qwe 65 6
Josh and Olivia and the cursed graveyard
The sun had slowly begun to set over a peaceful little neighborhood, and walking down the street were two kids, Josh and Olivia. Both of them were very close friend, and loved playing together and spending time with one another. And right now, they were on their way back home after spending a fun day playing at the park.
Olivia: "Thanks again for taking me to the park today Josh."
Olivia cheerfully thanked Josh.
Olivia: "It was so much fun today."
Josh smiled.
Josh:"Your welcome Olivia. I figured today was nice enough to spend the day there anyway. It's too bad that the ice cream man didn't have any Dino-Shaped ice lollies in stock today."
Olivia: "Maybe the stick went extinct."
Olivia joked, chuckling a little.
Josh rolled his eyes, still smiling.
Josh: "Very funny Olivia.. I'm sure they'll have more of them next time."
As Josh looked up at sky, he can see the sun nearly gone and the sky was getting very dark quick.
Josh: "It's getting late, we better get h
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Barefoot Agent Part 2
Part 2
Thea Kaiser stood on a rooftop surveying the crowd below.  Normally, a person would need binoculars to pick out a certain individual from her vantage point, but Thea’s nearly superhuman eyes allowed her to do so with ease.  Of course, it didn’t matter how well one could see, when the person they’re looking for isn’t there to be seen.  Thea had been on the roof for nearly an hour, and her quarry, Monique Lemaire, had yet to appear.  The day was not oppressively hot, but it was warm enough to make the tarry shingles on the roof stick to Thea’s bare feet.  She lifter her right foot to look at the sole.  It was pitch black, with little bits of debris stuck in the thin layer of goo.  Thea wiggled her toes to shake loose a big pebble from between them.  She sighed; it would take a terrible amount of scrubbing to get them clean, though had she been wearing shoes, they
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Barefoot Agent Part 1
Part 1
Thea Kaiser stood in a corner of the massive meeting room, watching the corporate suits mingle, lie to each other and get progressively more drunk.  Though she was not attempting to draw attention to herself, some of it was unavoidable.  There was no hiding the fact that the blue-eyed young woman with shoulder-length blond hair was very pretty, and the burgundy red cocktail dress flattered her figure very nicely.  Thea had even thought it looked good on her when she checked herself out in the mirror, though like many women, she was usually an overly harsh critic of her own appearance.  The shiny heels and black stockings also drew some glances to her shapely legs, but she was not as fond of these particular items of clothing.  Her feet were practically screaming to be released from the uncomfortable footwear, but that would have to wait a little longer.  Thea grit her teeth, trying to ignore the rising di
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Mature content
Barefoot on the Green - BS X :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 4 2
Mature content
Barefoot Red Riding Hood :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 24 45
Mature content
Kandace's Summer - BS XI :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 6 2
Mature content
Lucky Guy :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 11 14
Mature content
The Origin of No Shoes Pizza :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 11 2
Mature content
Running Free - BS V :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 11 6
Barefoot Sorority Recruitment by southerncrossfire44 Barefoot Sorority Recruitment :iconsoutherncrossfire44:southerncrossfire44 13 11



Part two of the story.

Elina was driving down in the highway at very high speeds at about 320 kilometers an hour. She was pressing the throttle down on the floor with her bare feet. Both women enjoyed it and it was exciting. "How did, you learn to drive like that?" Audrey wondered.
"I've been driving since I was eight," replied Elina.
"That's awesome, I've been driving since I was ten with my husband and I've been driving a stick for a long time," Audrey paused for a bit "My husband is an expert mechanic and he fixes heavy vehicles in the mines and he's a manager too,"
"Your one lucky wife there that's great that you can drive stick. I've been working on cars and heavy vehicles since I was two, and ever since I have a passion for them," Elina smiled as she was driving.
"It's great you can fix cars and modify them too and thank you Elina," Audrey added.
"No problem Audrey, I know and it feels great driving barefoot," Elina said as she was changing into sixth gear and pressing the hard to press clutch with her leathery soles.
"That's right girl, better control for the car if you drive barefoot, especially for high speed driving," Audrey enjoyed the fast driving that Elina did.

Elina continued to drive barefoot to her home "I'll drive to my home so I can get my car,"
"Awesome, I can't wait to see your car," Audrey replied.
Her home is in Ballajura which is next to Alexander Heights. After pretty much driving at full throttle with her tough leathered soles pressing the throttle on the floor overtaking cars, she arrived home. Elina still had the keys to her home.
"I'll show you something," Elina opened the garage and she got the cover off the car. It was a 2013 Peugeot 208 T16. It wasn't a normal car, it was a rally and race car that Elina and her parents made, the car looks exactly the Red Bull one that Sebastien Loeb drove at Pikes Peak in 2013 which he broke the record.
"It has a carbon fibre chassis and a fibreglass body everywhere including a carbon fibre roll cage. The engine is a BMW P84/5 which is from a 2005 BMW formula one which we reinforced it by peeing on it, it can also rev at 20000 rpm," Elina explained.
"That's crazy and I know why you pee on the engine?" Audrey laughed.
"Yep, you see urine has a special hardening compound that makes the metals stronger in the engine, oh continue on the car. We managed to get the formula one engine because BMW didn't want to keep the engine in their museum so we ordered it and they gave it to us, by the way the engine has been turbocharged instead of it being naturally aspirated, it's currently running on ten psi of boost at the moment, it's using a six speed manual dog box because it's the only gearbox there is to handle out an insane amount of power, it produces 1400 horsepower and it only weighs 750 kilos including a full tank of petrol which is 110 liters and yes it runs on 98 octane, it is also street legal too despite being purpose built for racing/rallying,"
"That's awesome, you must be a very skilled driver to drive that thing," Audrey was amazed.
"I'am, and I can control the car very well at very high speeds and I can do drifts too and I also rally in it,"

Elina and Audrey got into their vehicles and drove to Audrey's house. Elina followed Audrey they were putting their bare feet down on the floor going very fast on the main road with speeds up to 200 km/h, of course Elina's car was way faster but she stayed behind Audrey. She finally arrived home and they parked their car in the garage. Both of them got out of the car and walked into the house.

Audrey noticed that Elina had spread out toes like herself. "I can tell that you never wear shoes," said Audrey.
"How do you know?" Elina replied.
"Because your toes are spread out like mine's see," Audrey showed off how spread out her toes are.
"You got beautiful feet too," admired Elina.
"Oh that's so sweet of you," Audrey gave Elina a hug.
"You must have leathery soles," Elina saw how hard it is. Audrey put her feet on top of Elina's lap and Elina stroked it from heel to toe.
"That is very hard and very leather than mine, it's awesome feeling it," Elina was stroking it like Kane did earlier in the day and Audrey felt the soothing pleasure from Elina's nails.
"It feels great that your stroking it, now it's my turn," Audrey felt how leathery Elina's soles by rubbing her nails from toe to heel and Elina loved it and both of the girls enjoyed it. They were pretty tired so they went to bed "Hey Elina, here's your bed," The room was pretty big and Elina loved it.
"Thanks Audrey, your the best,"

Audrey went to her room and slept getting ready for her first day in university as a student since she was 9 back in 1962. She didn't tell Elina about her real age yet and how many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren she has. Both women were now sleeping. Elina has a habit of waking early at about 5:30 in the morning.

It was 6 am in the morning and Elina woke up a bit later than usual. She went to the toilet and brushed her teeth with her toothbrush she bought. She also has lots of outfits as well in her bag. Audrey was still sleeping and Elina went to the living room. She noticed that they were Harvard University doctorates in mathematics and science. It was in 1968 when she got her doctorate in maths and 1971 when she got her doctorate in all of science (chemistry, biology/human biology, physics and astrophysics).

She looked through Audrey's purse and there was a US passport, she checked that her date of birth is 15th February 1953, so she's nearly 63, she also has a seniors discount card under her name. Elina couldn't believe how old she really is. Audrey looks so young and has no wrinkles at all, so she looks like a 20 year old and she even looks younger than Elina therefore she's easily able to pass for a teenager. She continued to look and saw her family photos. They're old and dated back to when Audrey was born. The first pages were her older photos from when she met Kane, during her time and graduation at Harvard, while she was pregnant, having three kids and became a professor. There were plenty more of herself, her husband and her kids until she heard a door open. It was Audrey and Elina had to be quick to hide the photos and the items she touched in her purse back where she got it from.

"Elina, your awake already?" said Audrey.
"I'm always awake early, how old are you, I'll believe your age?" asked Elina.
"You won't believe how old I'm really I'am, I'll get my copy of my birth certificate," Audrey went to a drawer and got a copy of her birth certificate out and showed it to Elina "I'm 62 turning 63," she said showing her birth certificate to Elina.
"How do you maintain your youth?" Elina was shocked that after seeing the birth certificate and after all these years, Audrey still looks young and beautiful and she can even pass for a teenager.
"I have an extremely rare condition that slows down the cell deterioration in my body thus slowing down aging drastically by the time I'm 20, I also never smoke or drink alcohol except for red wine, I've been eating raw vegan nearly all my life with some meats, I also drink up to 4-12 liters of water a day, I always use coconut oils, put my own sunscreen on when going out and always going barefoot,"
"That's awesome, perhaps I should start that lifestyle, after all my diet is like your one believe it or not,"
"I think you should, you can live longer too," Audrey then gave Elina a hug.
"We should get changed for school," said Audrey. The two barefoot girls went to their rooms and got changed.

Audrey got changed into her white tank top and a bleached torn denim cropped she wore yesterday, of course she'll be going barefoot as always but she'll be wearing one anklet on each ankle with her natural unpainted toenails. Elina got changed into her turquoise waist high tight sport shorts and a turquoise singlet matching her turquoise painted toenails with some cute anklets on both ankles, a colour she loves and being barefoot as always.

They got out of the rooms and they looked beautiful. "So what do you like to eat?" asked Audrey.
"I like to eat vegetables and fruits please,"
"Just grab them from the pantry and eat them," Audrey opened the pantry and Elina grabbed a cabbage, carrots, apples, bananas, oats, celery and watermelon. Audrey also had the same thing as well. After their meal, they decided to drink plenty of water.

Their soles are still black and leathered since they didn't go shower yet but they both have a nice scent. Elina decided to get her bag for school, it another bag used for school purposes and it was empty but she then put her books and pens there. Audrey also got her school bag as well which was a 1960s brown leather backpack which had straps. This was the bag she worn as a Harvard Student and during her time as a professor for 40 years so the bag is about fifty five years old and its still intact or in mint condition. "Wow that's one old bag there," said Elina.
"Yep I've had this for a very long time," replied Audrey.
"That's awesome on how you maintain this bag for a very long time,"
"Ohhh, thank you Elina," Audrey smiled at her.

They got out of the house barefoot as always. It was a hard choice of what car to bring but they agreed on choosing Elina's car. "You want to drive my car Audrey?" Elina offered.
"Yeah, sure thing,"

So they both got in Elina's purpose built race/rally car and drove to University. The car for Audrey was pretty hard to drive but she got used to it pretty quickly. The throttle pedal is hard to press because if pressed fully on the floor, then it can go extremely fast due to its extreme power to weight ratio. Audrey drove it carefully on the way to university.

Thankfully, they arrived. The car can rev at 20000 rpms but Audrey drove it at no more than 2000 rpms. Elina took off the steering wheel and put it in her bag. "Why you take off the steering wheel for?" Audrey wondered.
"So no one steals my car," Elina replied.
"Very smart," Audrey laughed.

The two girls made their way to class. None of the two barefoot girls have made friends yet in this university. "Where do they teach history?" Audrey asked.
"I don't know, where that class is but I'm also looking where it is" The girl replied.
"I'm Audrey Tills and this is Elina Evans," They shook hands with each other.
"I'm Nina Riley," It's great to meet you. She noticed that they were barefoot "Heels are hard for your feet?" Nina wondered.
"Nah, we don't wear shoes and we don't even own a pair," said Elina.
"Wow, that's awesome, you two girls have very beautiful feet," Nina complimented.
"Oh, thanks," Audrey and Elina smiled.

The three girls still don't know their class so they asked a professor who was walking past them. "You know where the history class is?" Audrey asked.
"Yep, I'm teaching it now follow me," said the professor, he didn't notice Audrey and Elina's bare feet.
"Thanks," Elina replied.

He walked them to class and it was awesome. The professor put his card on the card detector and the door opened. All of the students and staff have keycards. It looked like a normal class but it looks awesome with state of the art equipment such as projector screens and it has a "u" shape seating format. The students got a feel of the great atmosphere from the class.

"Hi I'm professor Frank Termont," He said to everyone in the class. The keycards also track if the student has been to class so no there is need to do the role call or sign in. When Audrey enrolled, she put her real date of birth. Class reminded her of great times she had at Harvard when she was doing mathematics and science such as biology/human biology, chemistry and physics/astrophysics, pursuing a doctorate degree which she has now.

The history they're doing is medieval and Roman history for this semester. Audrey, Elina and Nina all sat with each other and they already love the class. After about one and a half hours of lecture, it was recess. They exited the class and went to buy foods at the Guild village. Both Audrey and Elina bought a vegetarian meal and Nina got the same meal that Audrey and Elina got. The women at the counter looked at Audrey and Elina's bare feet and asked "Where's your shoes? I'm Lorri,"
"I'm Audrey, this is Elina and Nina. Both of us never wear shoes, our bare feet is our natural shoes," Audrey simply said.
"Awesome, the two of you have beautiful feet," Lorri complimented.
"That's so sweet of you," Both Audrey and Elina smiled.

"Well, if your barefoot Nina, your gonna get questions of this, embrace it so you can tell other people how comfortable the barefoot lifestyle is," Elina explained.
"I'm not ready to go barefoot yet but I don't like wearing shoes," Nina said wiggling her toes in her thongs or flip flops.
"It's ok but it'll be great of you do go barefoot," Audrey smiled.
"Perhaps I will soon," Nina considered.

They went to the Tropical Grove area where they sat down and ate their foods they bought. The garden looks awesome because of the variety of the plants there. The three girls all enjoyed the garden and they loved to talk to each other. "After we eat, lets explore more of the campus," Audrey wanted to see more of the place since it's only her second time here.
"That sounds cool," Elina replied.
"Why not," Nina joined in the conversation.

The three girls got up and explored the campus more. It was very big but not as big as Midwestern State University back in the US. They explored the northern half of the campus because there wasn't enough time left before class started to explore the southern half. They made their way to class and continued on the medieval history.

Everyone liked the class and they got to learn on what happened during medieval times. Audrey told Nina and Elina to take notes which they did so they can remember what they learned. All of the students in the class are under twenty two years old with the youngest student being nineteen, except for Audrey, they are eighteen students in the class. Most of them stared at Audrey and Elina's cute bare feet since they're the only ones barefoot although some of the other students were wearing thongs or flip flops since it's summer season.

Since it was the first day, not everyone knows each other but some people have already made friends. They spent two hours in the class learning about the 1300-1400s renaissance period in medieval history. Audrey wasn't the best in history despite her insanely high IQ but she learned very fast, faster than the other students. She then explained it clearly to Nina and Elina and they were amazed how clearly she explained it.

It was lunch time now and they decided to go to the student guild to buy a raw vegan meal. It consisted of raw vegetables and fruits. "You eat raw vegan?" Nina asked.
"Yep most of the time, I do it for health purposes so I also eat meat sometimes and Elina is starting it now, but she'll still eat meat," Audrey explained.
"I do love my meats but I plan to go vegetarian soon with occasional meats since I love eating it to be honest," Elina replied.
"That's awesome, I'm also a vegetarian too because I like eating the vegetables and fruits but I don't eat meat," Nina was happy that Audrey and Elina are vegetarian.
"Cool, you can stay young and feel happy from the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle," Audrey told Nina.

After the conversation was finished, they decided to explore the campus more. The three girls was walking and they walked around the corner. Audrey stopped as she saw a old women who looked like she was in her fifties walking to a class, she had a bag and she was carrying books so she had to be a professor. "Why did you stop Audrey?" Elina wondered.
"Yeah, what's the matter," Nina looked worried about her.
"That person looks very familiar," said Audrey.
"Who is she?" Elina asked.
"We have to find out," Audrey and the girls followed her.

They followed her and she swiped her keycard to enter a building. Audrey also swiped hers and it was the same building she went into. It was the maths building and the three girls continued to follow her. The professor went into her class, getting the board ready for teach her students some very complicated maths formulas. Audrey immediately recognized her, it was Marian Edberg. She was one of Audrey's top students in Midwestern State university and she graduated in 1988 with a doctorate in mathematics, Marian is 51 years old and looks like a normal 51 year old would with normal with short brown hair and some wrinkles but she still looks great but looks a lot older than Audrey despite being nearly twelve years younger.

Audrey, Elina and Nina have go to the toilet, Nina didn't mind that Audrey and Elina were barefoot in the university toilets since the floors are clean. Both Elina and Nina had to take a poo and Audrey peed. After Audrey was finished, she washed her hands and went into the class. "Hey Elina and Nina, I'm gonna be in the maths class," Audrey said to the two girls in the toilets.
"Ok, sure thing," Elina replied.

Audrey was nervous, she hasn't seen Marian for nearly 28 years. She would be sure if Marian recognized her. They were maths students coming in to class already on time before the class started. "Hey are you a maths student?" A maths student asked.
"Nope, I'm just curious about the maths class," Audrey replied.
"Ok cool, I'am just asking, by the way, you must be American," The maths student heard her accent.
"Yep I'am, as you can tell from my accent,"
"I'm Gerry Hobbs, nice to meet you," He handshaked her.
"Nice to meet you too, I'm Audrey Tills," Audrey greeted.
"Class we're getting started," called out Marian. Gerry walked inside the class "Bye Audrey Tills," he waved at her and she said "bye," too and waved back. He looked at her dirty leathery soles as she walked out, it was the first time he looked at her bare feet.
She walked off and met up with Elina and Nina again.
"Great to see the two of you again," Audrey smiled at them.
"That's great, to see you too," Elina and Nina said together.
"So how was the teacher?" Elina asked.
"I know her," Audrey said.
"Where from?" Nina wanted to know.
"From the US a long time ago, lets not talk about it,"
"Ok, we were just wondering," said Elina.

The three girls walked back to class as lunch was finished. They spent the last two hours in history learning more about the renaissance period. Audrey, Elina and Nina spent the class time listening to the professor and they loved the class.

Marian on the other hand heard Gerry saying "Audrey Tills." She couldn't concentrate on teaching but she still remained composed though. After class was finished, everyone left for home or to study more. "Hey Gerry, can you stay behind," called Marian.
"Ok, sure thing, you need any help?"
"No, I'm asking you, do you know Audrey Tills?" Marian said in a composed manner.
"I saw her earlier after lunch, you were busy writing maths formula on the board, she was barefoot, you know her?" He was able to say.
"Yeah, she never wears shoes, I feel shy talking to you about her," Marian fretted a bit.
"What's the matter, is she been a bad student to you because I can talk to her if I see her," Gerry cheered her a bit.
"No, because I was her student for five years back in Midwestern State University, I first met her in 1983 when I first came to that university, believe it or not, Audrey's older than me, she's 62 years old, turning 63 on February 15th. I still remember her birthday," Marian explained.
"What, that's not possible, she looks so young with no signs of her ageing past 20, you must be joking, I actually thought she was 16," Gerry was shocked and still didn't believe her.
"If you don't believe me then ask her, it's amazing how insanely young she looks,"
"I will, tomorrow when I see her," he said.
"Ok see you tomorrow," Marian then packed her possessions and went home.
"See you too," Gerry got his bag on and walked out of the class.

After class was finished, Audrey, Elina and Nina went to the James oval where people were training cricket because it is cricket season. They went out to an unoccupied part of the oval to play frisbee. Nina got out her frisby from her bag and tossed it to Elina, she then tossed it to Audrey and she tossed it back to Nina.

As Marian walked back to her car, she noticed three girls playing frisby. All of them were barefoot with a thong/flip flop on the grass next to a bag. Since Marian knows that Audrey is always barefoot with dirty soles, she had to approach them. She was very nervous meeting her old mentor, Audrey saw Marian earlier so it wouldn't be surprising if she knew who she is.

"Ok girls, I need to go to the toilet," Audrey said as she caught the frisby, she then tossed the frisby to Elina.
"Ok Audrey," Elina caught the frisby.
"Be back," Nina waved too.

Audrey walked to Marian and they were shocked at seeing each other again after nearly 28 years. Both of them stood froze for a few seconds before hugging each other. Nina and Elina saw them from a distance but didn't mind and continued playing. "Audrey?" Marian was shocked that it was her.
"Marian?" Audrey said in shock.
"It's been a long time since I last saw you, you haven't aged one bit," Marian cried.
"It's been nearly 28 years since I last saw you, I was there when you graduated with a doctorate back in 1988, you were one of my best students," Audrey was in tears of joy.
"What are you doing here as a student?" Marian wondered.
"I'm here to learn more history because I just like to," replied Audrey.
"Awesome, if your free, feel free to teach my maths class and even any of the science," Marian offered.
"I'm ok, but thanks for the offer but I think I've done enough teaching after forty years,"
"Perhaps we can dinner sometime soon at your house, you still married with Kane?" Marian asked.
"Sure thing, and yes I'm still married with him, he's in the mines now and won't be back until later this month," Audrey told her.
"You got a senior discount card yet?"
"Yep I do," Audrey got out her card and showed it to her.
"I'm very jealous, now I have to wait another fourteen years before I can get one because they've now increased the age to sixty five to be eligible for a seniors discount card by the time I get it," Marian was envious and she gave the card back to her.
"Don't worry about it, it's great to see you once again," Audrey gave Marian a hug.
"You too, I'll see you tomorrow and you still look beautiful," Marian hugged back.
"That's sweet of you, bye," waved Audrey as the two separated after their hug.

Audrey made her way to the toilets and peed. There were no one in the toilets because they might think going barefoot in the public toilet is disgusting which is not when there's people who don't wash their hands and handle food after going to the toilet. She washed her hands and made her way back to Elina and Nina.

"Was that that professor we followed earlier?" Elina asked.
"Yep it was," Audrey paused a bit "It was great to see her again after twenty eight years,"
"How old are you?" Nina butted in the conversation.
"You won't believe it, I'm sixty two turning sixty three on the fifteenth this month," replied Audrey.
"That's not possible, you must be joking, I swear you look like a teenager," Nina was skeptical.
"It's what everyone says, here, I'll get my birth certificate, seniors discount card and drivers license from my bag," Audrey showed them to Nina and she was shocked.
"How can you look young and beautiful?" Nina wondered.
"Well let's just say I'm genetically gifted,"
"I wish I was like that," Nina smiled.
"I think you will be if you maintain your vegan lifestyle," advised Audrey.
"Perhaps I should go vegetarian," Elina joined in.
"It has some health benefits," said Audrey.
"I know it does, by the way, I have to go back to my car, bye," Nina walked to her car in the carparks. There were many people staring at Elina's car.
"Wow look at that there, that car looks awesome," Nina pointed at the car.

Elina felt nervous since they were plenty people taking pictures of it since it looks awesome. The three girls approached Elina's car where there were crowds of people there. Both Elina and Audrey sucked it up and went inside the car. Nina was shocked her two barefoot friends went inside the purpose built race/rally car. "Bye Nina," Elina and Audrey both waved at Nina and she waved back.

Elina drove her car to the city. She found a place to park and it was a multistory carpark. She got the parking permits and she decided to park on the top floor. The two hot barefoot girls got out of the car and made their way to the elevators with Elina taking off the steering wheel on her car and putting it in her bag, Audrey also took her bag with her. Audrey and Elina walked to the train station first, feeling the cool dirty tiles with their toughened bare feet and walked on the way to Myers which is a high end department store. Instead of going inside it, they decided to go downstairs to explore more of the city.
"Lets get something to eat," said Audrey.
"I'm hungry too," replied Elina.

They went to Slurp Soup and salad bar which is in the central business district area. Some people were looking at Audrey and Elina's bare feet but didn't mind. "What can I get you?" the server asked.
"Can'I get a large pumpkin vegetable soup," Audrey ordered.
"Can I get the same thing?" Elina said.
"Sure thing, that'll be nineteen dollars fifty thanks," Audrey and Elina paid the server and she walked off.

The barefoot girls decided to play footsies, feeling how leathered each others soles are. The server arrived with their meals and it looked awesome.
"Audrey, how come you didn't use your seniors discount card?" Elina wondered.
"Because, she wouldn't believe my age," Audrey laughed.
"Yeah, I know," Elina smiled.

They finished their food and they went to explore the city more. They walked around more to see more of the CBD. The other people didn't care that they were barefoot although it seemed like they were the only ones barefoot. Plenty of school students from different schools were also walking around the city too.

The city floors were of course dirty and Audrey and Elina checked their soles again and it was pitch leathery black like before. Elina and Audrey decided to sit in a bench in the city, night was warm as it was a decent warm day today so the ground was soothingly warm for their leathery soles. Gerry who was in the city too, came sitting down on a bench, the same bench where the two barefoot beauties are sitting.

He was spending time with his studies and had a maths book on his lap until he noticed Audrey. Gerry looked shocked when he saw her. "Audrey? We met earlier," Gerry said.
"Hello Gerry, this is my friend Elina, we go to the same class in UWA," Audrey introduced him and Elina handshaked him.
"What brings you to the city girls? I'm here because I love hanging out in the city,"
"We're in the city today because we like hanging out here," Elina explained.
"Let me guess, your 62 Audrey," Gerry accurately guessed.
"Yep, let me guess, Marian told you about me, and I can prove it if your skeptical about my age like everyone," Audrey got her passport, drivers license, birth certificate and seniors discount card out and handed it over to Gerry. He was shocked about her age, Elina wasn't surprised as she saw them earlier.
"Lets say I maintain my youth by staying healthy Gerry and I can help you with maths soon," Audrey offered.
"Thanks I'll sit here to reflect on the maths lessons today, by the way you two girls have nice feet and wheres your shoes?" Gerry asked while he was giving Audrey's drivers license, birth certificate, passport and seniors discount card back.
"Well Audrey and I don't wear shoes at all and thank you," Elina smiled.
"Yeah and we're barefoot everywhere, all the time," Audrey added.
"That's very wild there for the two of you girls, I like to go urban exploration in abandoned buildings and take photos with my mates," Gerry said.
"That's awesome, can we come? Oh I forgot to tell you, I'm married and I love my husband deeply, he's currently in the mines now, he'll be back later this month or early next month," said Audrey smiling at Gerry.
"Sure you and Elina can come and I'm sure your husband is a great man and he can come too Audrey,"
"That's so nice of you saying that. It was great seeing you Gerry, we'll be seeing you tomorrow," Elina said as she and Audrey were getting up from the bench.
"Bye, and thanks," Audrey and Elina waved at him.

They went their separate ways, Elina and Audrey decided to go to the carpark after a whole day of university, hanging out and barefooting. Elina paid for the tickets and they took the stairs up to the top floor. The steps felt dirty and both Audrey and Elina's feet were pitch black from walking in the city all day and from yesterday too.

"Do you want to drive home," Elina offered as she opened the doors to her car.
"Hell yeah," replied Audrey. Elina gave the keys to Audrey and she put the clutch in with her cute bare feet and started the car. She couldn't drive that fast because the city is full of traffic. She drove to the main road leading out of the city and she was going very fast. Audrey pushed the throttle with her bare feet down on the floor and the car was going insanely fast. It already reached 200 km/h in 3.5 secs, that's how fast it is. Audrey controlled the car very well and Elina was impressed.

"Really good driving there," Elina complimented.
"Oh thank you," Audrey smiled.

Audrey managed to drive back home and parked the car in the garage in her home next to the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. They got out of the car after a great day out today hanging out and exploring UWA and the city all barefoot.

"It was a great day today Audrey," said Elina.
"I liked hanging out with you Elina, your a great person to be with," Audrey replied.
"That's so sweet Audrey," Elina came up to Audrey and hugged her.
"I'm tired, lets rest," said Audrey.
"Me too, goodnight girl," Elina made her way to her room.
"You too,"

The two barefoot girls slept on their beds getting ready for another day out tomorrow. They had a great day together, for their first day in university and exploring the city and getting dirty soles which they both like.
The story take place in late January 2016 and February 2016.

Audrey Tills is a beautiful women, she has a medium whitish skin, brunette hair and she never wears shoes. She is 62 years old turning 63 on 15th of February, she was born in 15th February 1953. She has the appearance of a 20 year old, has NO wrinkles anywhere on her body, just a smooth skin despite being 62. She has a husband named Kane Tills who looks young for his age, he looks more of a 40 year old guy but he's 65 years old, they've been married for nearly 54 years. She also has two daughters with one being 46 years old, the other one is 44 and a 42 year old son. She has eleven grandchildren who ages range from 28 being the oldest and 18 being the youngest and she also has 16 great grand children with the oldest one being 8 years old and the youngest one 6 months old. All of her children found love, got married and had children as mid to late teens or early twenties.

Her family is separated, living in different parts in the USA. Audrey's secret to looking so young like her grandchildren, is eating a raw vegan diet for pretty much all her life along with a moderate meat diet, she drinks up to 4-12 liters of water in a day, she puts her own sunscreen when she leaves the house, uses coconut oil on a daily basis, never smokes, never drinks alcohol (except for one glass of red wine occasionally) and goes barefoot for a very long time, she's been barefoot for over 60 years and has embraced the earthing she does by walking in the bushes, grounding with the Earth which she lives in but the biggest reason why is because her cells have deteriorated extremely slow from the age of 20 than the average human thus giving her an appearance of a twenty year old. Kane works in the mines and in oil rigs as a machine maintenance and as a site manager in different parts of the world especially in Western Australia. The children don't get too see their dad/granddad/great granddad but they all love him too.

Audrey is a child prodigy, she is very smart and so successful in school that she left elementary school at the age of six and went to Harvard University at the age of nine. She studied Mathematics and science (chemistry, biology and physics) and by the age of 15 she has a doctorate in mathematics and a doctorate in science by the age of 18 despite being pregnant. People in Harvard didn't mind that she was pregnant and always barefoot even when it's cold. She also loves playing sports such as Volleyball and baseball where she's a very good pitcher, she feels great that she pitches barefoot and she's also an expert driver too.

She graduated from Harvard University in 1971, she moved to Midwestern State and she became a professor at Midwestern State university at the age of 20 in 1973. She loves teaching and passing on her knowledge to other students, most importantly; going barefoot while in campus and teaching her classes without shoes. She still managed to raise her kids despite Kane's projects in the mines and assist in raising her grandchildren. Audrey couldn't join the Beta Gamma sorority because she was a professor, but she did help form it in 1979 where girls can be barefoot and live freely and happily barefoot. Her oldest daughter joined the Beta Gamma sorority at 20 in 1988 and her youngest daughter joined in 1990. Her son never joined a fraternity but he did enjoy college and her mother teaching him even though she taught him at an early age.

Everyone loves Audrey because she's never stressed in her life, always relaxed, playful, friendly and teaches the class where everyone understands her very well and everyone is motivated to learn in her classes. All of her students have become very successful mathematicians and scientists. She has been teaching for 40 years, retiring in 2013. Many of her past students couldn't believe that she hasn't aged one bit. She looks the exactly the same from her first year of teaching to her last without any wrinkles at all. It's extraordinary how she manages to look beautiful after all this time.

Audrey goes to Perth Australia because of it's Mediterranean climate and when the winter and summer holidays in college start with her husband Kane and their children too before school starts back in the US. They spend two months a year there, one in July when it's summer in the US and the winter holidays too in January.

Kane is currently working in the Pilbara mines in Western Australia for four months. Audrey has also moved to Australia too. They live in Perth on their short holidays, the state capital of Western Australia where they bought a house in Morley in 1970 and they moved to Alexander Heights in 1986, it's decent sized home for a family. Kane works one month and goes home for one month. He gets paid a lot of money for his job though.

The climate in Perth is very hot in the summers with temperatures hitting 45 degrees centigrade but it's even hotter in the Pilbara with temperatures hitting over 48 degrees centigrade. The UV rating in summer is a bit higher than the US or any Northern Hemisphere countries because the Earth is closer to the sun in December, January and February which is summer in Australia.

Knowing how hot summers can get Audrey bought her homemade advanced sunscreen that leaves the skin cells fully intact which is one of the reasons why she is able to maintain her early twenties youth, Kane also brings them to his work to avoid getting sunburnt. Since she been going barefoot for a very long time, her bare feet can handle the burning pavement and roads no problem because her soles are healthily calloused everywhere from heel to toe on both foot.

Today is Kane's last day before he has to go to work in the Pilbara. He decided to spend time hanging out with Audrey who never wears shoes as always. They both went to the Galleria in Morley. It was January 30th and it was a scorching weather with the thermometer hitting forty one degrees centigrade. Both of them got out of the car and walked to the shopping center holding hands. The road was burning but it was easy for Audrey's tough leather dirty soles, her feet is natural, with her toenails being unpainted, no toe rings and no anklets but still looked beautiful. As they went inside, she felt the cool tiles with the soles of her feet. They got some stares on why would a beautiful "young" women go out with an older man. Kane and Audrey didn't let that stop them from hanging out with each other.

They went to the fruit shop where, they bought tonnes of fruits and vegetables. They paid for them and walked to the food court to eat. Both of them were holding hands as always and Audrey looked at her soles and they were pitch black, they went through the escalators. Not many people eat in the food court with fruits and vegetables bought from the fruit and vegetable shop but they do.

Kane and Audrey found a seat in the food court and ate. Audrey put her bare feet on top of her husbands feet. It's something that she's done for every dine in they go together. The tops of Kane's feet got a bit dirty on top because he was wearing thongs/flip flops, it's something that he likes.

"So what movie should we watch?" Audrey asked.
"We just watched a movie last night love," Said Kane, eating the last food they bought.
"Ok babe, lets walk around more then," Audrey didn't mind.
"Awesome, love," The two of them kissed each other in the lips.

They got up from their seats and continued to explore, Audrey walked to the bin with Kane and she put the plastic bag away in the bin. "Let's go to Rebel sports shop," insisted Audrey. Kane and Audrey walked there and saw that it looks different to the American ones, the carpet was soothing for Audrey's soles. There were plenty of sports equipment in the store that the US ones don't have such as cricket sets and Aussie rules football balls.
Kane and Audrey know about Australian rules football, rugby league/union, cricket and other Australian sports. They know the sport because they come to Australia for holidays for 45 years when it's holidays in college.

They decided to buy a cricket ball, bats, rugby and Aussie rules footballs so they can immerse in the Aussie culture and it's sports. Kane had been a fan for the New England Patriots for years and it was great the American Footballs sold there had New England Patriots on them.

After they bought the sport equipment, they paid for it at the checkout, the person at the counter didn't mind that Audrey was barefoot although he did stare at her cute bare feet as she was leaving, seeing how black and leathery it is. She noticed that during her four months in Perth Australia, people didn't mind about her bare feet like people in her old city.

Audrey and Kane went to the car and drove home. It was Audrey's turn to drive, the car is a manual transmission, yes Audrey is driving barefoot. Both Kane and Audrey learned to drive a manual car for a long time since they were only young teens. A year after they got married and a month after Audrey gave birth to her first child, they owned a 1967 Volkswagen Samba Bus that's still in good condition today and lived in it for a many years when they raised their children, yes it's manual but it didn't have any synchros in it meaning they have to double clutch. They also have a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Double clutching is when you downshift from a high gear to a lower gear while putting the clutch in twice. Example 5th to 4th, you have to put the clutch in then put the gear in neutral, rev while braking to get the engine speed matching the transmission speed thus resulting in smooth shift. Now both Audrey and Kane have a habit of doing it in other manual cars.

Kane loved it when Audrey drives. It was awesome to see her do double clutches barefoot. It's a skill that not many people do besides race car drivers or people who are into cars. Both of them have adapted to driving in Australia because they drive on the left side of the roads and the cars are right hand drive there.

Audrey parked in the driveway and she got out of the car with Kane. The married couple made their way inside the house and into the room. Audrey stripped Kane's clothes off from his shirt, then shorts and pants. Kane did the same thing to Audrey by taking off her clothes and shorts, she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

Audrey was in ecstasy mode when Kane stroked that hard leather soles with his fingers with precision from her toes, into the crevices of her toes, into the ball, his finger went to the middle of her hard leather soles and into the heels. She then got on top of him and started to hump each other and do many more private things such as having sex. This went for an hour before they fell asleep early. Kane's baggage's have already been packed ready to head up north to the mines.

It was 7 pm and Kane's plane is scheduled to leave at 10:30 pm. They woke up and realize they don't have a lot of time. They had to get dressed and went to their car, into the airport with Kane's baggage's. Audrey got changed into her white curved v neck shirt and a bleached pair of denim cropped shorts that was torn and remained barefoot as always. Kane changed into his mining outfit ready to go mining again after a month lay off.

The husband and barefoot wife went into the car together. It was Audrey who was driving to the airport. She didn't need to full throttle the car to go to the airport since they had plenty of time but she did however. Her bare feet was pressing the throttle on the floor and the car accelerated quickly. The car is a 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR which they bought when it came out and Kane heavily modified it to go faster, Kane and Audrey also maintains the car like they did with their 1967 Volkswagen Samba Bus and their 1968 Chevy Camaro Z28.

Audrey was driving the car to 300 km/h and she loved it. Her husband is the luckiest man when he met this beautiful girl in 1959 as little kids and married her in 1962 when he was only 11 and when she was only 9. Ever since they had an excellent life together raising their own three children and living in a van and a car too. They also assisted in raising their grandchildren and their great grandchildren.

How awesome when Kane saw Audrey driving in her bare feet with pitch black soles. He preferred Audrey driving since she is driving barefoot. They arrived at the airport and Audrey found parking. Both of them went out of the car and walked to the airport. It was still warm after the scorching day is finished. Audrey felt the road was soothingly warm underneath her soles until they walked to the entrance where the tiles were cooler.

They kissed each other on the lips and went to the restaurant in the airport to dine together. Both of them are holding hands on the table. Audrey decided to get a raw vegan meal which she bought in a bag and it consists of carrots, broccoli, watermelon, apples, bananas, strawberries and celery. Of course, she drank her two liter bottle and didn't mind having to pee a lot, something that Kane got used to for years.

Audrey noticed that there was a girl sitting near them staring at them, she was barefoot as well. It was a girl she already met. Kane does look older than Audrey so the married couple kissed each other on the lips. They continue to interact with each other romantically. She didn't mind that she was looking at them occasionally. "Girls can get jealous at me making love to an older person than me," Audrey though to herself.

After they interacted each other for an hour, Kane had to say goodbye. They walked to the security checkpoint where there's no metal detectors yet. "Goodbye my love," Audrey said while hugging him. "I'll missed you to babe," Kane hugged her tightly. They kissed each other on the lips and Audrey watched as he walked away.

Now Audrey is alone once again but she has enrolled in University of Western Australia in December last year. She decided to go back to school to learn about history because she also liked history back in the day but hasn't had the time to learn it because of becoming a professor and focusing on studying Mathematics and science back in Harvard.

"Your that barefoot girl I saw in UWA, I helped you chose your subjects in UWA,?" she asked.
"Thanks, you did and I chose the same subjects as you? I'm Audrey Tills by the way, let's sit down," Audrey replied.

The two girls made their way to a seat and they sat down. Elina was a stunningly hot blonde girl. She is dressed in a white sports top and black sports shorts, she is barefoot as always and her bare feet has a turquoise painted toenails and an anklet on her left foot. She also has a big bag on her which she took off before sitting.

"I'm guessing your from America?" Elina assumed because of Audrey's American accent.
"Yes I'am, I'm from Midwestern State, that guy who I was kissing and interacting is my husband," Audrey responded and she showed her wedding ring to her.
"How long did you marry each other?" Elina coughed a bit "How did you met?" Elina continued.
"When I was in the park with my parents building my sand castle, he came to me and helped me. He helped design the castle and it looks awesome, I have a photo of it in my house," Audrey explained.
"That's awesome, I would like to see the photo sometime, so how did you fell in love?" Elina wondered.
"Ever since that day we would come to each others houses and our parents approved of it. I was very smart and he was too but not as smart as me. I left school when I was 6 but I still made love to him and just before I went to Harvard at nine, I married him, he was 11 at the time. I got pregnant during my university years and I gave birth to my first child at 18 just before I graduated from Harvard with a doctorate in science, I got my doctorate in maths when I was 15." Audrey happily told her about it.
"Wow that's a fantastic achievement I wish I were like you and Harvard? It's unbelievable, you have copies of this?" Elina is astonished at this achievement and how she got married very early.
"You were a great person and you had no shoes as always and yes, I have copies of the certificates," said Audrey "Lets get to the car," she offered.
"Thanks for asking me for a lift, if your wondering why I'm at the airport, is because my parents went to the US for business trips. They normally don't come back in three months but I can live on my own but they want me to stay in my aunts house," Elina said as they were going down on the escalator.
"That's great, you can stay in mine," Audrey offered.
"Oh, Thank you,"

It was a bit cooler now and the road underneath their dirty leathery soles felt more soothing than the airport tiles and carpets. "One question, why did you come to Perth Australia to study in University of Western Australia after you got a doctorate in science and maths in Harvard?" Elina wondered.
"Because I like to study history now, I could've done it if I wanted to but I decided to focus on science and maths, I don't know as much in history as I do in maths and science,"
"Awesome, I'm doing history too, I'll get out my timetable now from my bag," Elina got her timetable out and showed her.
"Wow, your in the same class as me. The reason why I chose the same class as you, is because I want to know more about the university and this city more," said Audrey despite coming here for short holidays.
"That's great, we can be friends," Elina jumped in excitement.

They made their way into the car and Audrey unlocked the doors. "That's an awesome Nissan Skyline R32 GTR there can I drive?" Elina asked.
"Can you drive a stick?" Audrey wondered.
"You mean a manual? Yes I can, I've been rallying with my dad and the car is manual and yes I got just got my full license a month ago," replied Elina.
"That's great, you can drive a manual because in the US, no one drives a manual there these days, it's rare," Audrey explained.
"Australia is more shifted to automatics but it's pretty common here,"
"Oh yeah I did," Audrey laughed. "Oh I need to get the tickets, get in and drive," Audrey rushed to the parking tickets and payed the airport parking.

Elina got in the drivers seat and drove to Audrey. She got in the car and drove to the toll booth where Elina put the ticket and drove off. Elina was full throttling the skyline and Audrey enjoyed it. She managed to get the car at 320 km/h on the freeway. How awesome is this for Elina to drive a awesome sports car from a person who she just met.

Part 2 coming up next.
Those of you who need help of cricket words and meanings or don't understand cricket related bits in the story.

Please let me know in the comments.

Everyone who's playing for the Serenity XI cricket team in New South Wales Australia must play barefoot. Everyone in the team is always barefoot, even when they're batting. The lower order batsmen aren't as good as the top and middle order batsmen but even they have to bat barefoot despite the cricket ball being very hard.

A cricket ball is made out of cork covered in leather, it's harder than a baseball and a bit heavier (156-163 grams), a baseball weighs 142-149 grams. Spin bowlers normally bowl at 75-95 km/h. Fast bowlers can deliver the ball at 145 km/h but on average, they bowl at 135 km/h. Since their team bats barefoot, it can cause serious foot injury if struck by the yorker flush but they have trained to deal with the yorker.

The Serenity cricket team have won the cricket championship a staggering twenty times in a row. The cricket team travels via bus and their bus is their home, like a big mobile home. Everyone in the team are girls and they all look beautiful. The age group in the team is 19-23.

The Serenity cricket team squad and batting order and their batting averages (##.##) Notes <10 poor, 10-19 seldom, 20-25 not bad, 26-30 decent, 31-40 good, 41-45 great, 46-49 awesome, 50-65 excellent, 66-98 legendary and 99+ Sir Donald Bradman.

1. Holly Jenkins (55.64) Opening batsmen
2. Jordin Hopkins (54.46) Opening batsmen
3. Megan Davis (60.34) (Captain) Top order batsmen
4. Julia Logan (57.75) Top order batsmen
5. Alyssa Torina (55.48) Middle/Top order batsmen
6. Jasmine Gilbert (52.33) Middle order batsmen
7. Nora Smith (53.43) (Wicket keeper) Middle order batsmen
8. Veronica Stevens (38.83) Lower order batsmen
9. Madison Gilbert (26.21) Lower order batsmen
10. Kelly Vernon (20.44) Tailend batsmen
11. Carla Edson (16.22) Tailend batsmen

12. Daisy Thomas (54.22) Batsmen (Bats at Numbers 1-6)

Madison and Veronica went out to the city all day. Both of them are new to the team after Layla Tills and Anna Roberts retired from the team about a week ago before the season started because they were both over 23 and the maximum age for the cricket league is 23.

Both Madison and Veronica were barefoot as always and their soles were very dirty. Veronica was wearing a black denim cropped shorts and a white tank top, she had nice long toes naturally unpolished and neatly trimmed. Madison was wearing a skinny blue jeans that go up to her ankles, she had a black top on and her bare feet had white toe nail polish and were neatly trimmed. Both of their soles are pitch black after walking around the Sydney CBD (Central Business District) all day.

They took the public bus back to their home bus which was parked at their home ground. The bus driver didn't care when they entered, the two girls swiped their smart rider cards in and they took a seat. "Oh shit, I hope Megan doesn't know we went out," said Veronica.
"Yeah, tell me about it, she's gonna kill us if she found out we're going out," Madison replied nervously.
"Let's hope we get there before she does," Veronica and Madison took a seat.

Megan Davis has been in the team for three years. From what they heard other players from other teams, is that she's strict and determined. It's only Madison and Veronica's first day in team and they introduced themselves earlier today and left to the city without Megan's permission. "Your feet look great," Madison said, staring at Veronica's feet.
"I like yours too, it looks beautiful," Veronica smiled and looked at Madison's cute pair of bare feet.

Both of them walked to the bus and sprinted on the road with their bare feet to the home bus where the rest of the team is. They ran on the grass feeling the brush of the green clean grass and arrived to the bus. As soon they arrived, Madison opened the door and Megan was standing on the steps inside the bus. "Where have you been girls?" Megan asked politely.
"We have been training for our first match," Veronica replied nervously.
"Show me your soles please," Megan insisted. Veronica and Madison showed Megan their soles and they were pitch black.
"Nice, try girls, I know you went to the city," said Megan knowing how dirty their feet are.
"No we went to the shops after we trained," Madison tried to lie.
"I'm not stupid girls, I know that your soles are too dirty for the shops, they only get that black if you go in the city all day, it seems like you's two don't wear shoes, by the way, come inside and have a seat," Megan guided the girls to the dining table and they walked there feeling the soft carpet with their dirty bare feet.
"How do you know that we don't wear shoes?" Veronica wondered.
"Because of the way your toes spread," Megan showed the two girls how naturally spread out her toes are. "The more your toes spread, the more you went barefoot, because shoes confine your toes that need to spread out and going barefoot a lot can help spread out your toes," Megan explained.
"Why does everyone in the team have to go and play barefoot? You are aware that tailenders aren't as good at batting as the middle and top order players, they may not be able to handle the yorker well especially if it's reverse swinging," Madison said not knowing why they have to bat barefoot. "Believe it or not, the even the tailenders are very good at handling the yorkers even when it's reverse swinging. You see going barefoot has given them more confidence when batting because if they aren't afraid to show their bare feet in the cricket field or anywhere, then they have no fear when batting barefoot." Megan explained wiggling her toes.
"Veronica and I only wear shoes when we bat for obvious reasons such as the yorkers, this shoe is a great minimal alternative because it has minimal soles but adequate protection and it doesn't confine your feet so barefooters wearing this shoe can still have spread out toes. Other than that, we don't wear shoes when we field or bowl and any other places such as the shops, city and other places that you don't normally see bare feet," Madison replied, wiggling her toes.
"That's awesome, no wonder you toes are still spread out," Megan smiled "Going barefoot has enhanced our senses that you wouldn't get when wearing shoes. Girls in the team has batted better and the bowlers have bowled very well and more accurately. Sure we do get bowled out but batting barefoot helps us get a feel of the pitch because we know how the ball will behave and what type of pitch is, whether it's bouncy, dry, moist, flat or sticky. This helps me whether we should bat or bowl first if I win the toss. So tell me, how does it feel bowling barefoot?"
"Bowling barefoot is great because my bowling action is suited to being barefoot, I remember bowling in shoes when I was five or six and I was injured a lot and my bowling was all over the place. I couldn't maintain a sustained line and length and kept bowling half volleys, short and wide deliveries, down leg where I get leg glanced for four and many bad balls. During my injury, I saw that they were other teenage girls at the time, were bowling barefoot and they had excellent averages and were very economical, so I decided to try it after I recovered and I felt like I bowled much better and ever since I've been bowling barefoot in every single match I played whether it's test or limited overs. My average, strike rate and economy has drastically improved and I have never been injured ever since." Madison told her side of the story.
"Now your turn Veronica," Megan turned her head to her.
"I've always bowled barefoot and it's the best thing in my life. I keep hitting the exact same spot that troubles batsmen. The pitch map shows that I've only bowled at same area of the pitch with a few full and short deliveries to mess with the batsmen, barefoot bowling kept me injury free throughout my whole career whenever I bowl, it's great getting a feel of the pitch underneath your soles so you can connect with it." said Veronica.
"There's a reason why we chose you two girls, because your barefoot and your very consistent," Megan paused a bit "By the way, invite me next time you go to the city,"
"Sure thing, how come your not angry with us for leaving the bus without your permission?" Veronica wondered.
"I'm always relaxed and chilled. You see, going barefoot has helped me stay relax during matches and as a person, it's hard to get angry when your barefoot,"
"Why is that?" asked Veronica.
"Because the charge from the earth goes through your body and you get a great feel and that energy helps me and the other players in the team including yourselves stay relaxed." Megan told them.
"That's awesome," Veronica and Madison said simultaneously.
"You know we're versing the Supa Tigers tomorrow, so lets get some rest,"

They made their way to the bedrooms underneath the bus and slept with everyone else already sleeping. Everyone woke up early except for Madison, Megan and Veronica because they slept very late. "That's weird, Megan's always awake before us on match day," Julia said, looking at Megan who was still sleeping.
"It seems like the two new girls Madison and Veronica have also slept in," Carla touched Megan's dirty soles.
Holly pulled the blanket to expose their bare feet and said "Madison and Veronica's got very dirty feet,"
"Tell me about it, they awesome," replied Carla.
"We should've went out as a team," Julia laughed.

Megan, Madison and Veronica woke up. They climbed up the big hatch saw that the team chefs Carla, Holly, Jasmine, Jordin and Alyssa have cooked breakfast which was eggs, toast and deserts such as yogurt, oats, bananas, strawberries, mangoes and watermelons. The whole twelve players enjoyed it, well only eleven play the match with the 12th person being a fielding substitution for a fielder needing rest or is injured. Yes, the team does squad rotations leaving one out so another can play.

Everyone finished their meal and cleaned up their plates and spoons. Nobody bothered to train because everyone in the team has played so many test and limited over matches since they were very young. Instead of pre match training, the whole team just hang out with each other in the bus.

The Supa Tigers cricket team is the biggest try hards in the competition. Most if the time they finish runner up or third place. They have a secret training facility filled with advanced technology. Their players are highly disciplined and their coach is cool but strict and he'll punish anyone for leaving the team without his permission. The Supa Tigers have never beaten the Serenity cricket team before and they keep losing by big margins. Their coach has spent plenty of time disciplining his team in every game against the Serenity XI and training very hard in their secret training facility.

After the barefoot girls chat and interaction finished, the whole team went out of the bus and saw the Supa Tigers cricket team arrived. As always, the Supa Tigers saw that they were barefoot. The players walked to greet each other. All of the Supa Tigers players are wearing proper cricket shoes and uniforms whereas the Serenity XI are wearing their normal clothes and not wearing any shoes.

Megan as the team captain inspected the pitch just by walking on it with her bare feet so she can get a feel on how the pitch is. The Supa Tigers captain Milton Hemsworth couldn't walk on the pitch because he was wearing cricket shoes which can wear out the pitch. Cricket shoes have spikes underneath them so they can gain more traction on the ground.

Megan got a great feel with her tough but sensitive bare feet on how this pitch is and she concluded that the pitch is flat which is great for batsmen to score plenty of runs because the ball bounces predictably and no movement on the pitch therefore batting becomes easier. After thirty minutes, the toss started. Megan won the toss and chose to bat first because the wicket is great and would start deteriorate later in the match, making batting for the other team harder.

Holly Jenkins and Jordin Hopkins made their way out to the wicket. They were barefoot as always. Since the Serenity XI bat barefoot which is very dangerous because of risk of yorkers hitting the foot, they'll easily block or work singles or even score fours against yorkers.

The opening bowler Tyrone Headley a left arm fast bowler, bowled the first ball and it was an fast in swinging yorker aimed at Holly's cute bare feet which she steered the ball to the boundary past fine leg for four. The next ball, Tyrone tried to bowl another yorker but it was a full toss and Holly easily hit it for six over long on.

35.3 overs later...

Both Holly and Jordin batted very well with Holly making 122 off 112 balls and Jordin made 114 off 102 balls. Serenity XI is 0-233 off 35.4 overs with 10 extras. Kyle Wilson the Supa Tigers right arm fast bowler bowled a good ball off a good length, Jordin gave herself room to hit over extra cover, but she instead nicked it to the keeper and she was out. Megan said to Madison "Get ready, your batting next,"
"But I don't bat at the top order," Madison replied.
"Don't worry, I know you score fast so your're a pinch hitter." Megan said as she walked out to bat.

1-233 off 35.5 overs and Megan came to the wicket. She was barefoot as always and marked her guard on middle stump and rubbed the crease with her bare feet to help mark where middle stump is. After that, the bowler, Kyle Wilson came steaming in and bowled a half volley that Megan planting her front barefoot on the wicket, lifted her bat, smashed it through cover for four, beating the sweeper.

The over was finished and Megan and Holly came halfway down the wicket to talk to each other. "I can tell their coach is not happy at the result," Megan said.
"Yeah, tell me about it," Holly smiled at Megan.

46th over...

Both Holly and Megan increased the scoring rate dramatically, scoring another 179 runs in ten overs. By then, Serenity XI is 1-412 including 14 extras with Megan on 87, Jordin scoring 112 and Holly scoring 199. Holly is facing George Griffiths the Supa Tigers right arm spin bowler. George bowled the ball and it was a bad half volley delivery, Holly galloped down the wicket with her bare feet feeling comfortable stepping on the pitch and smacked it for six over long on.

Megan came up to her hugging each other tightly. Holly raised her bat, taking off her helmet and jumping at the sky celebrating. She wiggled her toes in excitement in scoring a double century in a limited overs match! Both Megan and Holly played footsies with each other.

After the celebration was finished, George bowled a full toss and Holly smashed it over deep square leg for six. Holly and Megan walked to the center of the pitch and touched each others gloves and playing footsies in the middle of the pitch.

The next ball, George bowled a good length delivery that didn't turn and Holly galloped down the wicket and miss hit it and George caught it easily. Holly was out for 211. The score is 2-424 and now Madison came in instead of Julia. Madison walked out to bat barefoot for the first time. As she walked her way to the pitch, Megan came up to her "You ready?" she said.
"Hell, yeah," Madison, glove punched Megan.

After the over was finished, Kyle Wilson came back on to bowl the 47th over. Kyle knew that she was a new member of the team. He bowled a yorker that was aimed directly at her bare feet and Madison timed it beautifully past square legs for four. Madison and Megan came in the middle of the pitch to congratulate each other.

Kyle bowled another four yorkers on target on Madison's bare feet and she hit the next two past fine leg, the next one past square leg and the next one, she gave herself room and timed it beautifully down the ground for four. The fifth ball of the over, Kyle bowled a shin high full toss and Madison smashed it back over Kyle's head for six. The last ball of the over, Kyle bowled a bad half volley that was asking to be hit for six which she obliges and she hit it over deep midwicket for six. Twenty eight coming from that over and the score is now 2-452 with only two overs left. The two girls came to the middle of the pitch again "That was great, Madison," Megan congratulated her.
"It's so cool to bat barefoot, you get a feel of the pitch and how it's gonna play out and connecting to the world beneath your bare soles is the best thing ever," Madison said in joy, she wiggled her cute toes.
"Hell yeah sister," Megan, gloved punch Madison which means good job.

In the bus...

After that over was finished. Veronica padded up getting ready to bat next should Madison or Megan get out. "You want to bat next next?" asked Julia who was scheduled to come in next.
"I wanna bat barefoot, I know I'm a tailender but I want to see what's it like," Veronica insisted.
"Go ahead, and good luck," Julia giving Veronica encouragement. Everyone in the team was stunned that Veronica was batting next.

Back at the crease...

Megan is facing the right arm fast bowler Morne Nimzo. He's a fast bowler who likes to bowl at express pace. He bowled a short one and Megan pulled it for six. The next ball he bowled was a yorker but it was a full toss instead so Megan smashed smashed it over deep midwicket for six. The Supa Tigers coach is fuming at this since a team full of hot barefoot girls is scoring a massive total. The third ball that Morne balled was a perfectly executed yorker aimed at Megan's perfectly shaped bare feet. She missed it and it hit her her bare feet flush. Megan wasn't even injured because she toughened up her bare feet by getting hit by hard cricket balls. Morne was stunned that it didn't affect Megan. Megan smashed the forth ball of the over for six over point and it bought up her century. Megan was excited that she scored a hundred. She jumped up in the air and wiggled her toes in delight. She went up to Madison and hugged her tightly. The fifth ball Megan scooped the ball over the wicket keepers head for six by using the bowlers pace. The last ball of the over, Megan gave herself room to hit the ball over cover but she instead nicked it to the keeper. She was out and she made her way back to the bus, walking in the soothing grass with her bare feet.

As Megan was walking back, she noticed that Veronica was coming in instead of Julia who was scheduled to come in next. "Veronica, what are you doing batting next?" Megan asked looking surprised.
"I just wanna see what's it like batting barefoot," Veronica said, while making her way to the wicket.

"So your here, Veronica? Great to see you," Madison said.
"Great to see you too," Veronica marked her guard at middle stump by rubbing the crease with her bare feet and she got ready to bat at the last over.

The score is now 3-476 off 49 overs with one over to go with Veronica on strike. Tyrone Headley was bowling the last over and he started with a yorker. It was well executed and about to hit Veronica's naturally spread out toes but she flicked it for four, just beating the fine leg fielder. Tyrone went around the wicket and bowled a full toss which Veronica smashed it over fine leg. The next ball, Tyrone bowled another full toss and Veronica just smashed it down the ground over the bowler's head for six. Tyrone went back to over the wicket and he bowled a half volley, Veronica gave herself room and glided it past third man for four. His fifth ball was another yorker but Veronica gave herself room and timed it beautifully in between deep extra cover and deep cover for four. The last ball of the innings, Tyrone bowled another shocking full toss and Veronica just smashed it over deep extra cover for six and the innings is finished.

Serenity XI finished on 3-506 with 30 coming from the final over. The whole Serenity XI team was very happy on how they finished with two girls who are new to batting barefoot. It was very invigorating for the two girls batting barefoot. The rest of the team came out of the bus barefoot to congratulate them for showing confidence and punishing the yorkers while batting barefoot.

The Supa Tigers coach is pissed since they conceded a massive unchaseable total and spent time lecturing his players while the Serenity team continue to interact and have fun with each other. Only Madison and Veronica's second day with the team and they already because close friends with everyone especially Megan.

The players in this team are like sisters to each other and they love talking to each other about life and different things. During the break, they ate some small meals and talked to each other. The Supa Tigers team have to train very hard and listen to their strict coach all day. It's near impossible for Supa Tigers to chase 507 off 50 overs.

Half and hour later, the Serenity XI came out of the bus all barefoot and the two Supa Tigers openers Jerome Macklin and Tim Ebert. Megan came up to Madison and asked her to open the bowling. Jerome was on strike and marked his guard. "Good luck Madison," Megan shouted from second slip. Madison is a right arm fast bowler. Madison started her run up and ran to the crease, getting great sensation from the grass underneath her soles, she started her jump with her right knee in the air, her right arm cocking at 45 degrees angle, her left arm cocked 90 degrees with her knuckle in line with her head and planting her right foot on the pitch which becomes her rear foot and her left front bare feet stomping the crease. Her left arm thrusted down to her left shoulder followed by her right arm that was straight and catapulted the ball at 146 km/h. It swinged in very late and trapped Jerome lbw. The Serenity players appealed and the umpire gave him out. Serenity players all celebrated for the first wicket with the score 1-0.

The next delivery to Fred Rippert was a beautiful delivery, shaping away from him late Fred had no choice but to play at it. He could only get a nick to the Nora Smith the wicketkeeper who took an simple catch. Madison was on a hat trick with Supa Tigers losing their first two wicket for no runs. All of the Serenity XI players were hugging her.

Already 2-0, Hubert Johnson came to the wicket to face Madison who was on a hat trick. Megan had five slips, point, gully, cover and only one on the leg side with midwicket. This is a very aggressive field. Madison started on her run up and bowled a beautiful delivery that seamed in and hit Hubert's off stump. The Serenity XI team was ecstatic when Madison got a hat trick in the first three balls of the Supa Tigers innings. The whole team wiggled their toes and looking at each other's beautiful feet.

Now 3-0 with three batsmen back in the pavilion, Deon Ross, the only left handed batsmen in the team came out to bat. Madison was on fire, swinging and moving the ball. Deon managed to survive the over which was a maiden with Supa Tigers 3-0.

Tim Ebert, the non striker batsmen who saw the horror down the other end caused by the barefoot bowler was now on strike, facing another barefoot bowler, Veronica Stevens. Veronica was more of a hit the deck seam bowler and Madison was a swing bowler. Tim faced Veronica's first ball and he tried to defend it but missed and it went to the keeper. She bowled a perfect line and length for the next four deliveries and Tim played and missed all of them. Tim was known to have an impenetrable defense, however missed all five deliveries from Veronica. The final delivery in the over, Veronica bowled a more faster one, Tim played a strong forward defensive shot but it went past and broke Tim's off stump. He was completely outclassed by a barefoot female bowler who brutally bowled him out.

The score is now 4-0 off two overs and Simon Quenters came in. Both Simon and Deon managed to see off the powerplay overs which they were only 4-9 after 10 overs with epic fielding from the barefoot girls, stopping the boundaries and the quick single and excellent bowling from Madison and Veronica. Megan took Madison out of the attack and bought Carla Edson in. Carla's a left arm fast bowler who likes to swing or seam the ball both ways. Now they need 498 to win off 40 overs with the equation at 12.45 runs per over which they need to hit big shots for the next 40 overs.

Carla started beautifully and immediately made an impact. Simon was on strike and he hit a good length delivery that was a bit too wide straight to Alyssa who used the extra "spring" her bare feet gave her to make a one handed diving catch to her left at gully. Now the Supa Tigers are 5-9 with Sonny Barker the team's wicketkeeper coming in to bat.

Carla was making Sonny play and miss every ball in the over and it was a maiden. She bowled beautifully and her bare feet somehow made her bowl much better. Megan decided to keep Veronica on and she bowled a perfect line and length delivery to Deon who can only play and miss. The fifth ball in the over, Veronica bowled a perfect delivery that nipped back in and trapped Deon lbw, Veronica and the team appealed. The umpire raised his finger and gave him out. The team was celebrating and they hugged each other. The score is 6-9.

Tyrone came to the wicket. He was an alright batsmen but not as good as the top order. Veronica bowled an excellent leg cutting delivery that caught Tyrone's edge and an easy catch to Nora. Veronica is on a hat trick and she had to wait until Carla finishes bowling the next over.

The score is 7-9 The next batsmen was Leewood Minoff. He is a right arm fast bowler now batting with his side in deep trouble. Carla continued bowling and she bowled brilliantly the whole over, swinging the ball both ways. Leewood showed some serious heart in getting through the over against another barefoot fast bowler.

Veronica was back in the attack and on a hat trick. Sonny is on strike and getting ready to face Veronica's hat trick ball. She bowled it short, bounced it up to Sonny's head. He managed to get an edge and Holly took an awesome catch at short leg. The Serenity XI came up to Veronica and celebrated with her. They all wiggled their toes and rubbing their soles on the grass. Now the Supa Tigers are 8-9 with George coming into the wicket next.

9 overs later...

George and Leewood showed some of the best heart batting for another nine overs and surviving the brutal onslaught from the barefoot bowlers and even from their off spinner Karla Vernon. It was Karla's turn to bowl this over and now the Supa Tigers are 8-20 after 24 overs. She bowled the first four balls brilliantly, not allowing George to get off strike. Her fifth ball she deliberately bowled a long hop and it invited George to hit it over deep midwicket for six. However just when the ball was going to be six for all money, Jasmine Gilbert who was fielding on the boundary, pulled off a ripper. She ran about ten meters to her left, dived and took an epic one handed screamer, just when the ball was going over for six. Thanks to being barefoot, there was no way a shod person can jump that far, the muscles of her feet improved thus allowing her and her barefoot teammates to jump much higher. It could've been the Supa Tigers first boundary in this innings but Jasmine's brilliance stopped it and got Kelly a wicket.

The Supa Tigers are 9-20 and Kyle Wilson came to the wicket. He was the last batsmen to bat and he is now facing the dangerous barefoot bowlers. Kyle had to face the last ball of the over. Kelly bowled an excellent doosra and Kyle played and missed it, he was very lucky to survive that delivery.

After 25 over Supa Tigers are 9-20. They needed 487 off 25 overs which is near impossible to get, they need to score at 19.48 runs per over which is near impossible to pull off because of the elite quality of this barefoot bowling attack.

Megan called her allrounder Jasmine Gilbert to bowl. Coming off that stunning catch to remove George, she bowled an on the money yorker to bowl out Leewood and it sent the off stump cartwheeling.

All of the Serenity players are jumping in the air and they carried Madison and Veronica in celebration for their excellent performance and for taking hat tricks in the same match. "You done an excellent job for us Madison and Veronica," Megan jumped "It's an honour to have the two of you girls in the team,"
"Oh thank you Megan, that's so sweet," The two girls were very to hear the complement from their captain.

The Supa Tigers coach is very pissed off because of the amount of time training and preparing for this match. The pitch was flat and was favouring batsmen. The Serenity XI took advantage of it whereas the barefoot bowling attack of the Serenity XI managed to make something out of nothing to completely crush the Supa Tigers. Even with intense training and the state of the art equipment they have, they still lost badly to barefoot girls who just only socialise with each other. It was their worst defeat.

The Serenity XI players all went back to the bus and were drinking alcohol and partying after the match. They partied for four hours until they were tired. No one got wasted but they did get drunk.

The Serenity XI showed how really effective playing barefoot is and destroying other male teams and never losing at all.

I hope you enjoyed the story and please let me know in the comments on what cricket language you didn't understand :)
The barefoot cricket team
The only cricket team that plays barefoot!
More info about the abandoned building where Grace and Tia live and more info about the Healthy Foodz restaurant in this story and how Chark felt when seeing Grace and Tia for the first time.

Hi I'm Chark Riley and I decided to tell the story on how excited I was in seeing Grace Herres and Tia Ellington. I've been living in Midwestern State throughout my life with the occasional holidays. I had a love of barefoot girls since I was seven years old when I found out about the Beta Gamma sorority where all of their members never wear shoes anywhere at all.

The Beta Gamma sorority recently hasn't had lots of barefoot girls because not many girls are willing to go barefoot like six to eight years ago and even a few years ago, there was signs of the sorority is declining in pledges. I looked at the sorority stats and there was seventy members eight years ago to six years ago to twenty girls now. Even in high school, I haven't seen lots of barefoot girls. The last time I saw one was last year. The girl's name was Valerie Dillon, she had a nice long curly black hair, glowing fair skin, she often wears blouses and long skirts in winter and shorter skirts and tank tops in summer. Her choice of footwear is bare feet which she likes to decorate it with toe rings, polishing her toenails and anklets. It doesn't snow here but the temperature is much cooler and it rains as well.

I was good friends with her because we talked to each other about the Beta Gamma sorority she wanted to join ever since she was five. I found out that she was lesbian and she had no physical and romantic attraction to guys, damn I wish I dated her but I respect her sexuality. She doesn't parkour like myself and some of my friends but she does like to exercise and stay fit. She loves art and maths and she's very good at it. It felt very sad seeing her graduate since she was a senior then and I was a junior at the time. Now she's a Beta Gamma and living her dreams to be with the barefoot sorority. I still get in contact with her since I still have her number on my phone.

Today I woke up pretty late at ten thirty in the morning, got changed, ate breakfast which was toast and eggs that love to eat everyday. I went out to parkour with my friends. It was going to be a scorching weather today with the temperature expecting to hit forty four degrees centigrade. My friends have toughed it out in this hot weather and all of them had a high quality sunscreen on that virtually protects you from sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer drastically.

I put on that sunscreen and made my way out to parkour. It was very hot when I left the house. The parkour park was about a ten minute walk from where I live. I saw my friends there and I handshaked them. Jonny needed to tell me something, so we went and climbed up a wall and sat on the ledge. "I saw this hot barefoot girl today. She had brunette hair, glowing fair skin, a white t-shirt, a black skater skirt and she's barefoot. Her soles are pitch black and very tough. I asked her where her shoes were and I assumed it was in her bag but she told me she never wears shoes at all," He told me.
"Bullshit," I replied, not believing this.
"Go ask Jonathan," Jonny called him "Hey Jonathan, Chark doesn't believe that the beautiful barefoot girl came,"
"She was here, everyone who is here knows that she came," Jonathan said loudly.
"Ok, I believe you," I said.

I was skeptical if this girl was real and not just some bullshit claim from Jonny. Well the sunscreen has helped everyone tremendously with no one suffering from sunburns. We bought lots of water in cold eskies so we can keep hydrated. My friends and I are very addicted to this place and it's so cool to perform flips, climbing, balancing and jumping.

More about the Healthy Foodz restaurant.

We spent about five hours parkouring and we decided to rest by going inside the Healthy Foodz restaurant. Healthy Foodz restaurant is not only a salad restaurant, it's a self serve restaurant which you can get any healthy foods you want such as meats like lamb, chicken, pork, beef and fish. There's plenty of vegetable and fruits. The best thing about this place is the price. It's very cheap to buy foods there. Such as a large meal only costs three dollars. This maybe bad for businesses but the owners are billionaires and making lots of money running a mining and oil company so there's more than enough money to fund the place and give cheap meals to everyone. The farms in this state has a vitamin rich soil that gives the foods more nutrients and make it grow faster than normal without genetically modifying the crops, so everything is fully organic.

My friends and I finally felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning. All the water in the esky was gone so we decided to come here. We spent about an hour here chatting and eating our foods. After we ate our foods, Jonny and I decided to go to the abandoned building or the abandoned warehouse, it's located on the outskirts of the city and it's my favorite building to explore because it's big and has plenty of places to explore. Most of my friends went home or had plans tonight including Jonathan.

Jonny and I made our way to this abandoned building. This building has three floors not including the ground floor; the first floor which was completely demolished and only had support beams making this floor up, a second floor that's partially or thirty percent demolished and the third floor is completely demolished with only support beams making this floor up. The support beams that make up the first floor and the third are highly heat resistant and rust resistant can support an extreme amount of load. That's why it stayed fully intact after the explosion took place and why the second floor is still up despite the whole third floor coming down on top of it (except for it's support beams of course). It doesn't look like the second floor would crumble anytime soon, it will stay supported for a very long time.

According to the history of this building, it used to be a storage facility eight years ago. There was multiple floors which you can store your items. Demolition equipment they used was c4, demolishing the floors and keeping the outside of the building intact. They only destroyed the first and third floor because it was part of the demolition schedule until the public stepped in stopping the demolition of the second floor. The demolition team is also the clean up team and they cleaned up most of the debris from the third and first floor therefore helping making this building an playground for parkourers. They also cleaned up most of the debris in the second floor that fell from the third floor after the explosion and therefore the second floor has no roof. There's no asbestos at all because this building has never been built with asbestos before so it's all safe for everyone to explore. All if the stairs and elevators have been taken away or demolished.

Jonny and I made our way to the first floor by wall running and grabbing the support beam. The second floor is very hard to get up and only a few of my friends have managed to get up the second floor, including myself. To get up the second floor, you have to balance on the beam that's hanging and connected to the wall. You then have to wall run up the wall and catch the hanging beam on the second floor which is reachable to the expert parkourers like myself and some of my friends like Jonny.

Jonny and I managed to made our way to the second floor. We noticed that there were several barefoot prints in this floor. The second floor had sand from the broken concrete where you can leave footprints. We followed it and it lead to the hanging beam that connected to the wall like the one on the first floor and it just disappeared. I was excited and my heart beat fast after seeing the barefoot prints. There were lots if broken glass and hazards so this girl has to be crazy but awesome to enter this place barefoot. Very creepy but Jonny had a possible explanation "It could be that barefoot girl I talked about, she was performing some crazy moves and she wall run very high in her bare feet,"
"What did her bare feet look like?" I asked excitedly.
"Her bare feet are absolutely stunning. She had naturally spread out toes, blue sparking toenails, she had anklets on both of her ankles and she was wearing two toe rings on the second and third toes on both foot. Oh and her soles were pitch black and she showed me that it had no problems and how healthy her bare feet are," He explained. I was very excited and my heart was beating very fast.

The abandoned building had full of glass and other hazards to bare feet in it. The girl that Jonny talked about might be a very skilled parkourer because, like I said earlier, you have to be an expert parkourer to get up the second floor and this girl managed to do it no problem. Jonny doesn't have an interest in girls bare feet like I do but he does know about the Beta Gamma sorority.

Accessing the third floor is literally impossible. Balancing on the hanging beam is possible but not the wall run and jump because it's too high. The world's best parkourer Mason Murdoch came here to Midwestern State a year ago and he came here in this abandoned building and tried to access the third floor. He successfully balanced on the beam and had good speed for the wall climb, he wall run up the wall and did a wall jump. Unfortunately he wasn't even close reaching the third floor beam and fell and landed on the second floor. How do I know this? Well I was there when he tried. So we came to his aid. Thankfully he wasn't injured and he was ok. He said "There's no way anyone can get up to the third floor beam," I just can't see how this barefooter can get up the impossible to reach third floor.

I got my camera out and took photos of the barefoot prints that was there. Jonny and my other friends didn't have an interest in girls bare feet like I did. I just had to relieve myself when I get home. I don't think she would've been able to climb the third floor because it's too high. Well, it's getting dark so we went home. We scaled down the building to the first floor beam and jumped on the ground floor.

Jonny and I both went home. He lives next door to me for ten years but he graduated Midwestern State Senior High School two years ago. I arrived at my house and my parents made me dinner. Dinner was roast chicken and vegetables. I enjoyed the dinner and after I ate, I drank water and played on my PS4 before I slept. I played the latest Call of Duty game, but I couldn't concentrate because I couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful barefoot girl that Jonny talked about. I performed poorly as a result and I try to picture what she looked liked. After I played on my PS4, I brushed my teeth and went to bed, still with the thought of her in my head.

I fell asleep and had a dream about the beautiful barefoot girl. We were at the second floor on the hanging beam that connected on the wall at the abandoned building together. This beautiful girl had a brunette hair, naturally glowing fair skin, she was wearing a waist height skirt and a white blouse. She was just so stunningly hot. I was blown away how easily she handled the broken glass as if it was carpet. They were pitch black as always and had no cuts despite stepping on broken glass. I saw her running up the beam and balancing on it getting an excellent feel with her soles and wall running up the wall and jumped to the third floor beam that none of us parkourers can reach. She grabbed it and I was shocked how easily she made it. Mason could've killed himself if they were no second floor. How excited did I feel when that happened. A beautiful barefoot girl who's feet can handle hazards like it's carpet and climbing an impossible to reach third floor beam is insane.

I wish I didn't have to wake up from this dream but I unfortunately did. It was morning and my parents called me down for breakfast which is toast, butter and eggs, getting ready for my first day back in school. I'm now a senior at the Midwestern State Senior High School, everyone has got their timetable in their mailboxes. My classes for today are art, maths, english, sport and chemistry, it also said on a separate that we have to go to assembly one hour before class starts.

After I ate my breakfast, I brushed my teeth and got changed for my first day back in school. The principal Mr Dayton told us to meet at the assembly. I said goodbye to my parents and left the house. I made my way to school and I saw that they are plenty of students. We all went to the gym and had to sit in our year groups. The freshmans sat in the front then the sophomores, then the juniors and finally the seniors sat at the back of the gym. I pretty much know everyone in my year so I can tell if there's new students in my year.

Everyone went inside the gym and the principal made his speech. I didn't bother to listen to the principal. I looked around if there's any new students, I noticed that they were two girls who are new this year sitting in a few meters in front of me with a bunch of students obstructing my view of them but I still got a good look. I didn't know who they were yet and one had golden blonde hair and the other had brunette hair. Both of them had to be seniors because they're sitting in our year group.

I just had to see if they're barefoot. Adrenaline hormones was pumping my heart in excitement, hopefully they're barefoot. After the assembly finished, everybody stood up and walked to their first class. I wanted to see more of those girls but they were plenty of students obstructing them. I walked with my friend to art class we had and we talked to each other.

I was almost late for art class because my friend and I spent a bit too long talking to each other. The teacher called my name as soon as I walked in the class so I was just on time. After the teacher called out the names I noticed a girl sitting across the classroom that looked the one in my dreams only that she's even more beautiful. She was wearing a black skater skirt, white t-shirt, she had a naturally glowing fair skin, stunning brown eyes and brunette hair. I saw her friend next to her she also had a naturally glowing fair skin, golden blonde hair, she was wearing a red tank top and a black denim cropped shorts. I didn't see if they're barefoot because it was obscured by their bags and the other students. The teacher said something to them that I didn't hear but it could be welcoming them because they're new students in this school. I tried to get a better view to see of they're barefoot or not but they were other students in the way as well. The seating format in this class was eight people per groups of four tables. I couldn't walk around because the teacher was lecturing us about art things and what assignments we were doing this year for pretty much the whole lesson.

The bell went and I pretended to get tissues to see if they had shoes on. I went there and it turns out that both of them are barefoot with no shoes in sight. I looked at their soles and it was pitch black. My heart and adrenaline gland was in redline mode. I followed them and they made their way to their lockers that was next to each other. I secretly looked at their feet and their toes was naturally well spread out and the blonde girl was wearing anklets on her right ankle and a toe ring on the second and third toe of each foot and her toenails was painted black. The brunette girl was wearing anklets in both ankles a toering on the second and third toe on each foot and she had a sparkling blue painted toenails. She was the girl that Jonny talked about at the parkour park, I'm sure Jonathan would confirm it. I don't know about her friend if she parkoured, probably not from my guess. Valerie told me that a girl with spread out toes are girls who have been barefoot for a long time.

Maths was my next class and I didn't want to be late so I don't miss out in knowing their names. I arrived there early and sat. The maths class is a seating format is a connected seating format, so you can sit with your friends and groups. I saw the two barefoot girls came in, they sat to my right and and a desk in front of me. I got to see their pitch black soles which was sexy, tough and leathery from the looks of it. My thing in my pants was very hard.

The teacher Mr Morris called out our names. Our last names are in alphabetical order but the teacher called out our first names and progressed down the role call. "Ok people, put your hands up when I call your names and say 'present' so I can know that your here," Mr Morris said to the whole class. Ok I looked at the hot barefoot girls so when they put their hand up and say present so I can know their names without asking them because it maybe awkward. "Tia Ellington," Mr Morris called out. The stunningly hot blonde girl put her hand up and said "here." He called out two more names until he called "Grace Herres," The beautiful brunette barefoot girl who looks better than the one in my dreams put her hand up and said here. Now I know their names without having to ask.

Mr Morris was talking about what maths are we're going to do this year and it'll be hard because it's the high level maths. I didn't bother listening because I was magnetized in looking at their pitch black leathery soles. My heart beated faster than a formula one car revving at maximum rpms because their bare feet are so attractive. Thankfully I didn't go into shock and I was ok. Maths class was finished and the bell went.

There was a small break and I secretly followed them to the gym. My eyes are hooked at their bare feet and my arousal was very high. I didn't bother about my friends and I secretly was staring at them. From the way that they're interacting each other, I think that they're maybe lesbian as Valerie told me something like this and signs if a girl is attracted to one another.

How lucky is this seeing the barefoot girls interacting with each other and playing footsies. Jonathan came up to me saying "Lets go and eat somewhere,"
"Ok," I reluctantly agreed.

The small break finished and we went to english class. The teacher Mr Lokard had seating plans for us. We had to sit wherever the teacher wanted us to sit. Looks like I'm sitting with Grace Herres. How lucky I'am I to sit with her but I can't look at her feet because she may get suspicious. Mr Lokard was telling us what are we're going to do today. Midway through the lesson, I noticed that she was writing something but I didn't know what it is she's writing because she's covering it very well.

English class finished and we made our way to sports class. This was the only class that Jonathan is with me in. I walked there and I saw Grace and Tia. Jonathan noticed Grace yesterday, who was parkouring yesterday. He said to me "Look I saw this hot girl there," he pointed at Grace "That girl who's wearing a white t-shirt and a black skater skirt there who's barefoot is very good at parkour, she showed us she can flip and can even wall run higher than us in bare feet!"
"Wow damn this can chick can flip," I replied, looking amazed.

The sports teacher set up an aerobics class that had mats. Everyone in the class didn't mind about the activity. After the teacher marked everyone present, he led us into the gym. We saw all the aerobics set up. "Ok everyone get your mats and we'll start," the gym teacher said to everyone. It seems like he didn't mind that Tia and Grace were barefoot.

The whole class spent an hour doing bodyweight workouts such as push ups, sit ups and pull ups. Grace and Tia both did one pull up. I decided to workout with Jonathan. "One pull up Grace, come on, I've seen you scale a wall no problem, and you two girls got dirty feet," Jonathan mocked at Grace.
"It's ok, I know you like it," Grace replied while doing a pull up. My heart again "redlined" after seeing their pitch black soles once again.

Jonathan and I easily done the circuit and we weren't even tired. It seems like Grace and Tia aren't tired after that hard activity.

After about fifty minutes, the whole class finished the activity and they were exhausted except for the fit students like me and Jonathan. We packed up the equipment including the mats. The bell went and I went to my last class which was chemistry. I spent time talking to Jonathan before I went to chemistry.

Jonathan and I finished talking to each other and I made my way to chemistry. I saw Tia and Grace coming to class and I was excited. We immediately did some science experiments on the first day back. The teacher got our chemicals and flasks and we started on our experiments. We looked what the teacher wrote on the board and it was clear instructions on how much chemicals we should pour.

Midway through class, I accidentally dropped my glass made flask on the floor and it broke. There was broken glass pieces around the area I dropped it. Grace and Tia made their way to the teacher not noticing that there was broken glass on the floor. They both stepped on it like it wasn't there. I was shocked in excitement that Grace and Tia stepped on the broken glass no problem. "Are you ok?" I asked with a worried look on my face.
"Yep, we have no cuts in our soles," Tia replied showing her soles to him and Grace showed her soles to him.
"And we've been in abandoned buildings barefoot," Grace added.

I felt like I was in heaven when they showed me their pitch black soles right in front of me and no cuts at all on their tough soles. I was very excited to see that their soles are also pitch black. I had been secretly staring at their beautiful bare feet throughout the whole day since I was in the same class as them. Supermodel girls who never wear shoes at all and stepping on broken glass right in front of me made me like in dream land. Now my heart beated faster than a formula one car revving at redline rpms and faster than it beated today. I managed to clean the mess and continued on my work but I couldn't concentrate because of those two barefoot beauties. It was clear that Grace and Tia never wore shoes at all. Everyone in the class had a great time especially with their cool chemistry teacher and doing experiments on the first day of school. How on earth did I not go into shock and get a heart attack?

The bell went and I had one of the best days in my life at school. I followed them to the Healthy Foodz restaurant. I don't think they would be suspicious since they think I eat there too. I secretly stared at their feet and it looks beautiful.

After they ate, I secretly followed them. It seems like that they're heading to the abandoned warehouse that Jonny and I went to yesterday. They don't know that I'm following them. I saw the enter the warehouse but I didn't go in yet because they might know that I've been following them. I decided to wait outside the building for about seven minutes so I can get composed when talking to them. I went inside and they were not there. I checked everywhere on the ground floor and they're were no signs of them except for barefoot prints that looked fresh.

It looked like that it was going to the first floor beam, so I made my way up by wall running and grabbing the beam and scaling up. I managed to easily balance the beam and made my way to the second floor and saw that they were more barefoot prints there. They once again led to the hanging second floor beam. As mentioned earlier, it's literally impossible to reach the third floor. Where the hell did they go if they didn't go to the third floor?

Well I did wait outside for seven minutes so they could've went somewhere else via going through the warehouse but I don't think that happened. I checked my phone and researched more on this warehouse. It says that there's an office where the owner once worked, is on the third floor. I looked at it and I noticed that there was a small light in the office coming from under the small gap under the door. I was stunned, the building was abandoned eight years ago and no one has owned it since. The only people who come here are urban explorers and parkourers like myself and none of us has been on the third floor let alone the office.

Grace and Tia couldn't have just vanished in thin air. My gut instinct says that they're in this room but the other me says no way. I remembered what Valerie told me about the "power" of bare feet. She said that "Bare feet get more stronger if you go barefoot for a while. The longer you spend time wearing shoes, the weaker the muscles of your feet get, shoes do the things your bare feet can do thus weakening the muscles in your feet." She knows that I'm a parkourer and told me "When you parkour, they are things that even the best parkour shoes cannot do such as wall running at very high heights. Shoes don't have the muscles to wall run very high like bare feet do, even you try to parkour barefoot, it takes time for your muscle in your feet to strengthen,"
I remember Jonathan telling me that Grace wall runs higher than any of us. Could Tia parkour too?

I balanced on the beam and I saw that they were several fresh barefoot prints on the wall. They only had the ball part of the foot and the toes. I looked up and those barefoot prints were even higher than what Mason Murdoch can get up. It could be them, you never know. Since when did Tia parkoured? I'm not fully certain it's them but I'll be back tomorrow in the morning to confirm if it's really them.

I hope you enjoyed this story and have a great day.
Chark's lucky day seeing two hot barefoot girls
This story coincides with "A beautiful barefoot girl meets a hot girl" and "Meeting Grace Herres" stories. It's from Chark Riley's point of view. 
Hi I'm Tia Ellington from "A beautiful barefoot girl meets a hot girl" story and yes, I'm that very hot girl and Grace Herres is that beautiful girl.

I'm laying down with my new girlfriend Grace Herres in her near impossible to reach apartment on her inflatable bed. I would like to tell you on how I met her.

This story happens before I met Grace Herres. Oh I don't mention her name until I met her at the Healthy Foodz restaurant.

My family moved from San Francisco California two weeks ago and we moved to Midwestern State because my dad has a new job there. We bought a house there and live there now. I never wear shoes anywhere at all because it's unnatural and I love being on touch with the ground. My parents throughout my life didn't care if I'm wearing footwear or not and since I hate wearing shoes, I didn't wore them since I was three since they're so uncomfortable for me. I've been barefoot everywhere from elementary school to high school from my freshman through to my junior years. Not just school or in places you would normally go barefoot, but in abandoned buildings, snow even though it rarely or never snows in San Francisco, hiking even on harsh terrain, on very hot days, restaurants, stores and shopping centers. My soles have toughened up throughout the years of going barefoot, now they give better protection than any shoes does.

I'm starting high school in Midwestern State Senior high school as a senior student and I'm not going to wear shoes for school. The subjects have arrived via mail box so I decided to go outside and take it. I read it and I was very happy with my classes. My classes are sport, chemistry, english, high level maths, art and history.

OK lets skip to the part where I first saw Grace. Three days before high school starts, my family and I decided to explore the city. The city was very big but not big like Los Angeles or New York. My family and I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. I was barefoot as always and the people working there didn't mind about my bare feet.

I ordered a large fried rice, my mum ordered a fried rice with beef brisket and my dad ordered a fried rice with deep fried pork. The foods there was yum and we loved it, my family likes Chinese foods from the looks of it. We got so full and my parents paid for the foods.

We left the restaurant and I saw a girl about twenty meters away. She had a brunette bun hairstyle, she was wearing a black blouse and a black skater skirt, she had a black bag on. I looked down towards her legs than feet. She was barefoot, with two anklets on each ankles and that's all I can see from that distance. I just had to approach her but I was shy and my parents called me to the car. Well maybe another time, the beautiful barefoot girl didn't see me yet.

My family and I arrived home and I immediately went to bed because I was very tired. I couldn't stop thinking about that barefoot girl, then I fell a sleep. I had a dream of her and we were dating each other, holding hands.

The next day, I woke up and went to the dining room downstairs. My parents cooked breakfast which was vegetables and fruits. They know that I'm mostly vegan but I do eat meat sometimes. After I ate I decided to go to the city with my family again. We got in the car and dad started the engine. I was wearing my black t-shirt, a blue denim cropped shorts and I was barefoot as always, wearing anklets on both of my ankles and a toe ring on my second toe on my left foot. My soles are pitch black as always and I loved it.

We arrived at the city and my dad found a place to park. My parents and I got out of the car and explored the city more. "Can I go by myself?" I asked.
"Sure thing sweet girl," Dad replied, giving me a hug. I also hugged my mother and they left.

I hoped I can find this beautiful barefoot girl sometime but I was skeptic because she wears a black bag, so maybe she might of taken off her shoes and put it in her bag because it was uncomfortable. My instinct tells me that this girl never wears shoes anywhere at all, never has and never will. I haven't known that feeling of uncomfortable shoes since I was three, that's when I stopped wearing shoes completely and even before I was three, I rarely worn them. I walked around the city barefoot in hope of finding this beautiful barefoot girl I had dreamed of. I went to different shops but she wasn't there.

I was hungry and I went to the Healthy Foodz restaurant that I like. I ate there and the foods was so delicious. It was so cheap as well, cheaper than that Chinese restaurant my family and I been to. There was no sign of that barefoot girl yet.

Five hours later, I managed to explore the city but I still couldn't find this girl. My parents called me and said "Ok Tia, lets go home now, meet me in the car,"
"Yep, I'll be there," I replied, then I put my phone in my pocket. I checked my soles and it was even dirtier than it was when I left the house.

I made my way into the car and my parents came. I turned around and looking nearby was the beautiful barefoot girl sitting on the bench. I looked at her pitch black soles that she displayed for me to see and it was clear that this girl never wears shoes at all because I saw her bare feet and her toes were well spread out like mine is and her soles are leathery which provide better protection than any hiking boots. She was looking and smiling at me and I looked at her back and smiled as well. I also showed her my pitch black soles. I had to get in the car. As my parents drove of, I kept my eye on her, she also kept her eyes on me while she sat on that bench she was sitting until the view was out of range.

Damn, I should've invited her to my home since my parents was right there but I didn't know who she was yet. How close did I get to her? I was so excited that she was only a few meters away but I was too shy talking to her.

My family and I arrived home and we got inside the house. We had dinner that my parents cooked prior to leaving since we're all hungry. I made my way into the living room and we had roast chicken and other roasted foods such as potatoes, peas, carrots and gravy. I only ate a little bit of chicken because my parents gave me some vegetables to eat too. After dinner I was full and I drank water.

I couldn't stop thinking about her. I brushed my teeth and went to bed, feeling happy I saw her. Once again I had another dream about her, this time we were at a lake kissing each other. What a pleasant dream that was.

I woke up again and ate breakfast. Breakfast for me was oats, with berries, bananas, mangoes, apples, coconuts and oranges. I loved my breakfast because it tastes great, it's healthy as well and it reminded me of my gymnastic days. I decided to get changed and I chose to wear a white tank top and a pair of blue denim cropped shorts, this shorts is more torn up than the other one I wore yesterday. My choice of footwear is, oh I don't have any footwear at all but I'm going barefoot as always. I chose to decorate my feet with a toe ring on my second and third toe of my left foot and an anklet on both ankles.

"Mum and dad, I'm going out to shop," I told my parents.
"Ok, here's one hundred dollars," Dad said, giving the cash to me.
"Bye baby," Mum said, I hugged her and my dad.

I chose to walk to the city because I love to feel the ground underneath my bare soles which was pitch black after yesterday even though it was going to be a very hot day today. It was a pretty long walk to the city from my home but I made it there despite the warm temps but it's going to get hotter today. I spent time shopping and even try to find that beautiful barefoot girl again.

I saw her again, she was wearing a white t-shirt, a black skater skirt and finally her cute pare of extremely tough bare feet which was black all the time. She was heading into that vegan restaurant I go to so I decided to follow her. I went inside the Healthy Foodz restaurant but I didn't see her yet but I went to get my food. After I got my food, I looked for her and then I saw her with her meal. She took off her bag and sat down.

I was very nervous when I saw her, but going barefoot everywhere has gave me more confidence but I still feel nervous talking to a fellow barefooter especially if she looked liked a super model. "Hey," I called nervously although I tried to hide my excitement emotions from her. She turned around and I asked "Can I sit with you?"
"Go ahead, have a seat, whats your name? I'm Grace Herres," She asked. Grace handshaked me and I was very happy.

You can read more on "A beautiful barefoot girl meets another hot girl" story.

Ok, lets skip to the part when Grace showed me her place.

Grace showed me her place in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. We went inside and there was full of broken concrete, rusted nails, broken glass and other "hazards" to bare feet. "Can you spot my, home?" Grace said. I looked around and I couldn't see it, how can she sleep in this place.
"I don't see it," I was confused.
"Here, I'll show you," Grace wall climbed up the wall by running on it with her well spread out bare feet and lifted herself up to the first floor beam.

I saw how easily she was able to balance on the beam with her bare feet. I saw her run on the beam and wall run to the second floor which she climbed easily. Now I can't see her so I decided to follow her by wall running the wall with my well spread out bare feet and grabbing the beam to make my way to the first floor. I balanced on the beam and wall run and climbed to the second floor.

I couldn't see where she went because the second floor was partly demolished but they were still broken glass which cannot cut our bare feet. It seemed like she abandoned me but I didn't mind because this might be a test to see if I know where to go. As I was making my way to Grace, I felt something with my tough black soles that felt like paper. I picked it up, unfold it and it was Grace's love letter. It says "Dear Tia Ellington. Since the first day I saw you and met you, I fell in love with you, you're the sweetest girl I've ever met. I love everything you do especially going barefoot. I'm so lucky to have a girl who also never wears shoes like me and has beautiful feet. You look like a supermodel with that gorgeous blonde hair, glowing fair skin, beautiful brown eyes. I'm very lucky to have a beautiful girl like you to sleep in the same bed as you. From Grace Herres your lover."
I was in tears of joy and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world after reading that love letter.

I saw Grace near the hanging beam platform. She ran through the platform while balancing and wall run up the wall with her strengthened spread out bare feet to reach the third floor that seemed completely inaccessible to normal shod parkourers. She didn't say anything yet but after reading her love letter, it motivated me to be with the girl I love so I balanced on the hanging beam that was connected to the wall and I wall run up the wall with my strong, well spread out toes to get a excellent spring to make the jump and I managed to get hold of third floor beam.

Grace didn't know that I have her love letter. "Glad you made it Tia now can you balance and maneuver those beams?" Grace yelled kindly.
"Yes I can," I replied confidently.

Those beams are unstable from the feel of it. Both Grace and I know how much body weight we should put on those beams. "Just keep jumping from beam to beam Tia and you'll make it," Grace said encouraging me. I kept balancing and jumping from beam to beam.
"That's it Tia, your nearly there," Grace said, she already made it and opened her door
"I'm nearly there," I said to myself while balancing on a beam to Grace's room. I jumped successfully and made it into Grace's room. We hugged each other tightly. Grace was so happy that I made it into her near impossible to reach room or home as she calls it.

Grace noticed that her love letter isn't in her pocket. She began to feel nervous that someone could've picked it and read it. "Are you ok?" I asked knowing it's about the love letter.
"No, I've lost a piece of paper which is very important to me," She replied nervously.
"You mean this," I got out her love letter and handed over to Grace "I already read it and I love you too, since the first time I saw you," I grabbed the back of Grace's neck and we started kissing each other on the lips.

We went to Grace's bed where both of us stripped off each other clothes off until we're naked and started kissing more. We both touched each others feet and we were in ecstasy mode. Grace stroked my dirty bare soles and it was one the best thing I felt in my life. I did the same thing with her dirty bare soles and she experienced the same ecstasy result as me. We both loved each other deeply and never had a better time than now. The two of us spent hours cuddling and kissing each other.

After our play time was finished, I decided called my parents, my parents picked up and I asked "Can I sleepover Grace's place?"
"Sure thing," said dad.

Us two beautiful barefoot girls decided to stay in Grace's small room or for the rest of the day to play with each other. How lucky is Grace to have a girlfriend who never wears shoes and can parkour too and also loves the same things she loves. The same goes for me. Grace has lots of foods in her room to eat.

It was dark and Grace and I were sleeping together in her home. Both of us are still naked with their soles still dirty, cuddling each other tightly underneath that warm blanket.

So I woke up today on her bed with my girlfriend Grace Herres cuddling me, reflecting on the best time of my life meeting Grace Herres.

Best time ever.

I hope you enjoyed the story.


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